Yoga uniting the world in pursuit of good health and well-being: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that yoga unites the world in the pursuit of health and well-being as he praised the “great effort” of the Indian Embassy in Doha for organizing a yoga session for people from 114 nationalities.

In his tweets, Modi also referred to the Ayush Ministry’s signing of the ‘Host Country Agreement’ with the World Health Organization for the establishment of the WHO Global Center for Traditional Medicine in Jamnagar, Gujarat. , and said that India was honored to be home to such a state. – art center.

“This center will help make the planet healthier and harness our rich traditional practices for global good,” he said.

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India’s traditional medicines and wellness practices are very popular in the world, he noted, adding that the WHO center will go a long way in improving well-being in society.

The World Health Organization previously tweeted that it and the Indian government had agreed to establish the WHO Global Center for Traditional Medicine to maximize the potential of traditional medicines through modern science and technology.