Yoga should be prescribed to older people with Covid to combat depression months after infection

“There is currently little evidence of the impact that contracting a Covid-19 infection can have on an individual’s mental health, personal finances and social relationships,” she said.

“However, our study shows that older people with probable Covid-19 infection experienced higher levels of depression and anxiety, poorer quality of life, higher feelings of loneliness and greater difficulties. compared to those without probable infection.This was evident both in the acute phase of infection and up to six months later.

“These results suggest that the negative psychosocial impact of Covid-19 infection is long-lasting.

“Mental health help doesn’t have to be psychotherapy, alternative methods could be yoga, mindfulness or physical activity. Social prescribing could help people improve their mental health by increasing their engagement in society and through creative activities.

The study involved 5,146 adults aged 52 to 74 who took part in the English Longitudinal Study of Aging.

Participants provided data before the pandemic and during two Covid-19 assessments in June and July 2020, as well as during follow-up sessions later that year, in November and December.