Yoga instructor accidentally breaks woman’s leg in bad pose

Yoga is a fun game until you get a horrible injury. A woman’s yoga class did not go as planned after she had suffered a broken leg while performing a special posture.

The student, nicknamed Wang, was attending her very first private lesson given by a woman nicknamed Li in late August in China’s Anhui province., South China Morning Post reported.

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During the class, Wang was asked to practice the dragon pose, a hip opening movement with multiple variations arising from a lunge-like posture.

However, everything went wrong after the teacher gave him instructions and said his left leg was in the wrong position.

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“She was pressing on my thigh and pressing too hard. Suddenly I just felt severe pain and couldn’t move at all, ”Wang said.

The yoga instructor quickly called an ambulance and took Wang to a nearby hospital, where doctors confirmed she had an open fracture in her femur. Wang needed surgery, reports noted.

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She was hospitalized for 16 days and claimed that she was still unable to walk.

The yoga studio paid Wang 50,000 yuan (about £ 5,760) for her medical bills, but refused to pay more when Ms. Wang asked for compensation for future treatment.

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