Yoga competition in Gwalior from September 8

Yoga competitions are organized by Maharshi Patanjali Sanskrit Sansthan Bhopal for Yoga Club students from 08 September. According to the letter issued by District Education Officer Ajay Katiyar, competitions at school and development block level will be held from September 8 to 10. WD added that the winners of the block-level competitions will compete in the district-level competitions from October 10-12.

Yoga district manager Dinesh Chakankar said yoga clubs have been established in all public secondary and high schools to educate students about health and yoga and to make yoga accessible to the masses. Only members of the Yoga Club will be able to participate in this contest.

Chakankar also said that in individual competition, there will be Yogasan competition, artistic competition and rhythmic competition in which boys and girls from mini group, junior group and senior group can participate. It will be mandatory for students participating in the competition to wear shorts / pants / swimsuits. Wearing a tracksuit and wearing a seat will be prohibited.

The district education officer, Ajay Katiyar, has formed a committee to organize this contest, the organizer of which will be government director Umavi Shiksha Nagar and co-organizers RV Gupta and Arun Sharma. All leaders of Block Yoga In have been appointed as members of this committee.

Jaidayal Sharma was appointed convener of the jury. The oversight committee includes Ajay Katiyar, Dinesh Chakankar, district sports officer Mahendra Pal Baraiya and directors Jitendra Singh Bhadauria, Pratibha Trivedi and Vinita Rani Antri.