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Doll Aesthetics has expanded its cosmetic procedures to Willenhall in response to growing demand for non-surgical procedures and anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatments across the country. A recent survey indicates that 62% of millennials in Britain are considering non-surgical treatment within the next 12 months.

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The expansion of anti-wrinkle fillers and other cosmetic services aims to help women target common problems using the latest injectable cosmetics. The spa’s line of facial fillers are designed to treat multiple areas of the face, including crow’s feet, puppet lines, and nasolabial wrinkles.

Dermal fillers have been in the beauty market since the early 1980s and until recently were reserved for Hollywood elites due to their prohibitive costs. Innovations in recent decades have brought injectables to the mainstream market by using synthetic ingredients to make these procedures more affordable. The long-lasting results of professional facial fillers give people the confidence they need to age gracefully.

Doll Aesthetics uses personalized aesthetic medicine to help clients look their best at any age. The studio staff includes nurse injectors and certified estheticians who are ready to work with clients to create personalized beauty regimens.

The procedures offered at the spa combine traditional Botox treatments with the latest advances in medical science, including Teosyal. Clients work with medical staff to identify problem areas and choose a filler that best suits their needs and beauty goals. The Doll Aesthetics team uses their knowledge of facial anatomy to target areas of concern and shape the client’s face using specialized hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. The professional fillers on offer combine the beauty industry’s most researched ingredients with natural anti-aging substances such as amino acids and antioxidants.

Doll Aesthetics continues to take care of clients even after they leave their initial appointment. After each procedure, clients receive personalized care instructions designed to enhance the effects of their anti-wrinkle treatments. If a client is not completely satisfied with the results of a procedure, the spa offers removers to reverse unwanted treatments or correct cosmetic mistreatments at other facilities.

The expansion is in line with Doll Aesthetics’ commitment to serving customers across the West Midlands by keeping up to date with the latest anti-aging treatments in the beauty industry.

“Doll Aesthetics is a nurse-led business providing anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers in the West Midlands.” said a spokesperson for the clinic. “We are fully insured by Hamilton Fraser and trained in medical aesthetics at one of the nation’s top training academies for medical professionals.”

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