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Wellness pioneer Susanne Kaufmann launches spa treatments at the Surf Club’s Four Seasons Hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel at the Surf Club is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious properties in the world, and the arrival of Susanne KaufmanThis month’s new spa treatments further reinforce that status.

As a fifth generation hotelier from Austria, her family owns the wellness retreat Post Bezau Hotel— and holistic beauty entrepreneur, Kaufmann’s understood the importance of incorporating natural, effective ingredients into hotel spa treatments long before it became the norm. Because in her world, clean, results-oriented products and luxurious personal care have always gone hand in hand.


And the recent unveiling of its curated offerings – there are three facials (Holistic Rejuvenating, Transformative, and Hydration Boost) and three body treatments (Purifying Scrub and Ginger Body Wrap, Purifying Scrub and Ginger Oil Massage, and Well-Being Exfoliation) – to Four Seasons Hotel At The Surf Club Spa this month proves his point.

Below, Kaufmann discusses her wellness philosophy, why she’s excited to partner with Four Seasons, and how she developed her spa menu.

How did you get started in the skincare and wellness industry?


Kaufman: In the 1990s, one of my first projects for my family hotel, the Hotel Post in Bezau, was to develop a spa with high-performance treatments based on the effective power of natural alpine ingredients. I grew up in nature in Bregenzerwald, an idyllic region nestled in the Austrian Alps. In 2003, after developing 24 products for use in the spa, people started asking where they could buy them. Today, we produce locally and ship worldwide. I carefully develop each product with highly effective local botanicals and ingredients, and produce them responsibly using modern science to provide long-lasting, preventative, and holistic care for optimal skin health. Environmentally friendly production, sustainable innovation in packaging and manufacturing processes, and a deep respect for nature and people are also important. It’s always been about the whole picture.

What made you decide to partner with the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club?

Kaufman: I fell in love with the Surf Club on my first visit. It really is an oasis of calm. Susanne Kaufmann and The Surf Club represent the highest standards of customer service and a deep commitment to conscious luxury, which were the most important things when selecting the first spa in the United States to partner with. It is an idyllic destination for clients who want to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life, restore the body’s natural balance and feel rejuvenated with treatments that strengthen and protect the skin. Also, the proximity of this spa to the ocean really excites me. I love being by the ocean, it’s the only thing I miss in my home country Austria.


What about the hotel that matches your philosophy?

Kaufman: Both The Surf Club and Susanne Kaufmann are founded on compelling values ​​that celebrate a history of tradition and blend them with a passion for contemporary design, innovation and the highest standards. Our Residence at the Surf Club offers a menu of results-driven face and body treatments that nourish and support the skin for long-lasting benefits. It is the epitome of modern luxury.

How did you develop the treatments?

Kaufman: The treatments were inspired by the Austrian rituals I grew up with, my passion for holistic living and the best Eastern and Western expertise. The menu has been developed to reinforce the effectiveness of our natural formulas. All treatments provide long-lasting but immediately visible results. They are in tune with your skin’s individual needs to leave you feeling rejuvenated and rested, to support even the most active lifestyles.


The conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.