Beauty salon

Tiptree salon wins beauty salon of the year for Essex

A SALON owner said she was delighted to have been crowned the best in Essex.

Sharon Metson-Halsey is owner of Contours beauty salon in Tiptree and was crowned Beauty Salon of the Year for Essex, as part of the 2022 LUXLife Magazine Health, Beauty and Wellness Awards.

LUXLife has been organizing the awards since 2017, celebrating those who champion trends in the three named areas.

Sharon, 51, from Rayne, has owned the village salon for 24 years, originally opening it with help from her mum and dad.

Sharon said: “I had always done beauty and just wanted my own salon.

“It took me two years to find the premises, and my mother and father helped me, but unfortunately they died ten years ago.

“Over the past ten years it has been very difficult, but we continue to be strong.”

Sharon entered the awards during the Covid lockdown and has also won two before for nails and skincare.

After applying, entrants are judged based on factors such as reviews, customer nominations, and company presentation.

She said she was shocked when she found out and it’s an award that means a lot to her after the difficult past decade.

“I was stunned when I found out it was amazing, it actually got lost in the mail so it only arrived on Wednesday,” Sharon said.

“On a personal level it means a lot too, after obviously everything that’s happened.

“When you’ve been here for 24 years you sometimes think what else can you do, but it’s such an achievement to get something like this, and I’m just thrilled.”

The award is now proudly displayed in her living room, and Sharon says the response when she told her clients about it has been overwhelmingly positive.

She added: “Only a few customers know about it as I only received it recently.

“But the first customer I spoke to was speechless, they were so happy when I told them.

“It’s just an amazing achievement, and I couldn’t be happier.”