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Marichyasana, otherwise known as the Marichi pose or Marichyasana A, is a backbend from the primary Ashtanga series. This is done midway through the seated poses after the hips and hamstrings have been warmed up with Janu Sirsasana. Variations of the stance that involve more forward bending and twisting are Marichyasanas B, C, and D.

How to do ‘Marichyasana A’ pose the right way?

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To do this yoga posture:

  • Place your right foot next to your right buttock while bending your right knee. Hold a hand’s width or more between your foot and the thigh on the opposite side.
  • Keep one left leg straight and engaged with the foot bent.
  • Your left foot is in front of your right arm when you extend it. Instead of grabbing your left foot, place your right hand with your thumb pointing down on the right side of your mat.
  • The front of your right shin should be circled by your right arm.
  • To do this, your shoulder and upper arm move forward. Keep your right arm in place as you raise your left arm toward the ceiling and open your chest to the left.
  • Reaching to join your hands, you lower your left arm behind your back.
  • Put your hands behind your back and join them.
  • Keep your spine high and straight while seated. Inhale.
  • Keeping your hands tied and your spine elongated, exhale and begin to lean forward. Hold it for 3-6 breaths.
  • Before releasing the binding and performing the pose with the straight leg extended, return to a perpendicular spine.

Tips and Techniques for Marichyasana A Pose

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  • It can be difficult for people with tight shoulders to wrap their arm around their leg. It is advisable to use a strap as the shoulder will still flex, possibly causing a gradual opening over time.
  • It may be wise not to lean forward to the point where we bend our right leg when we have a tight hamstring.
  • Instead, maintain your upright position or go to a position where the hamstrings can stay straight, and focus on moving the bent leg back to extend the hip as well.
  • Wrapping the arm around the leg can be nearly impossible for someone with short arms. Therefore, using a strap is the appropriate adaptation in this situation.
  • A yoga blanket can be used to sit on if you have tight hamstrings to tilt your pelvis forward. This might facilitate the fuller entry of the forward fold of Marichyasana A.

Benefits of Marichyasana A Pose

1) Improves liver and kidney function: The liver and kidneys, like all other organs in the body, play a vital role in promoting health and well-being. These organs are kept at peak performance by Marichyasana.

2) Improves the digestive system: A strong sense of health and well-being is a direct result of efficient digestion. The Sage Marichi Pose dramatically improves the digestive system, alleviating symptoms such as bloating, acidity, constipation, and indigestion.

3) Supports Brain Health: Daily practice of Marichyasana promotes a happy nervous system which can provide feelings of serenity and calm by triggering healthy brain processes. A calm mind ultimately leads to a peaceful body.

4) Increases Blood Circulation: Marichyasana improves blood circulation throughout the body, especially near the abdominal regions.

Common mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t try to prevent rolling to one side with your torso. Instead, hold the extension and aim forward.
  • Try to keep your forehead away from the knee of the right leg. Beginners often do this because they can’t wait to fold forward. Instead of extending downward, consider extending forward.
  • Remember that even if you cannot bind, you can still perform Marichyasana A. The pose is more than just binding.
  • Instead of letting the foot of the bent leg open to the side, try to keep it straight and parallel to the leg.


Marichyasana A can feel great when we do it right and during Endeavor Yoga sessions. If a modified version is too difficult at first, be sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with it. Also, make sure you’re doing this pose with a goal: hip opening.

Thinking about what you’re trying to accomplish with the pose can help you focus on the Marichyasana A technique, its benefits, and its tips. All yoga poses have their individual benefits, but the fact that this posture helps stretch the lower back is particularly helpful. It releases stress in your back and neck and relieves muscle tension.

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