Three of Cups Wellness Hosts Yoga Event in Honor of Spring Equinox – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather forecast

Three of Cups Wellness is a brand comprised of two yoga teachers who also have a passion for hosting unique events, tarot card reading, creating art, and connecting with the community.

Their latest event features two of their favorite things, yoga and plants. It’s in honor of Ostara, the vernal equinox. It’s happening at Tinker House Events with the Resprout!

Allison Albaugh and Emily Figley, owners of Three of Cups Wellness, joined us on Monday to share what people can expect from today’s event.

They say guests should bring their own mat, dress comfortably, and they will share a yoga flow designed to accommodate this season of growth, change, and rebirth.

Your ticket includes a small plant to take home, and there will be plenty of other awesome indoor plants to buy, as well as homemade products by them! The beautiful Tinker House Bar will open after yoga.

Tinker House Events is located at 1101 East 16th Street Indianapolis, IN 46202. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Three of Cups Wellness hosts unique yoga-centric events, public or private, and they thrive when they collaborate with other local creatives. In addition to organizing events, we also organize online yoga classes via zoom. The schedules for both can be found on their website. “Three of Cups” is actually a tarot card representing community, celebration, and creativity!

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