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This is why the hammam was removed from the Bath Sports and Leisure Center


A woman is not satisfied with the new facilities at the renovated health center at the Bath Sports and Leisure Center.

GLL operators said Live bath the suite will open “early August” and the facilities have been modernized with only the hammam removed.

Southdown resident Sue Trim said the facility was “very popular”, especially among people with disabilities.

“I’ve always understood that the multi-million pound refurbishment of the sports center was about modernizing and giving everyone / everyone better facilities,” she said.

Another pool user, from Batheaston, provided an update on the price of admission.

@antinbath tweeted: “Thinking of trying out the Council’s refurbished pool.

“It costs 50p more than the Olympic swimming pool at the university.”

This is how it was billed on the Better site (the wing of GLL which manages the leisure center):

Aromatic hammam

Generating temperatures of 65-70 ° C, the climate has very high humidity and the vapor is enriched with gasoline. Designed to soften the skin, cleanse the pores, calm the nervous system and relieve tension, our aromatic hammam is the perfect way to relax.


A “dry” heat treatment in a room lined with wood with a temperature reaching 90 C, the sauna is designed to induce perspiration in order to cleanse the body of impurities.

Deep basin

It is recommended to alternate thermal treatments with a brief immersion in our traditional swimming pool. Each dive in the icy pool will improve circulation by cooling the body; it can also improve cardiovascular health.

Ms. Trim believes that the withdrawal of the aromatic steam room was not announced clearly enough.

She points to an update on the Better website that read: “PLEASE KNOW THIS FACILITY IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR RENOVATION.

“Be energized and refresh yourself! Created centuries ago in Finnish saunas, Roman baths, and Middle Eastern steam rooms, hot tubs have been associated with a wide variety of health benefits. good sleep – make a visit to our sauna and steam rooms part of your active lifestyle. We guarantee you will feel invigorated and invigorated! “

What’s new at the Bath Sports and Leisure Center?

However, GLL said their plans were on display “for several weeks” at the lobby of the recreation center.

GLL also defended its pricing structure.

A spokesperson said: “The pricing for swimming at the Bath Sports and Leisure Center is comparable to other pools in the area and reflects the quality and variety of facilities on offer.

“The current closure of the toilet block is part of the ongoing recreation center improvement and renovation program aimed at increasing accessibility and participation.

“The modernized facilities, which are expected to open in early August, will include a sauna cabin, plunge pool and temperature-controlled shower.

“The only element to remove is the steam cabin. The decision to make this change was made in order to maximize floor space and allow us to improve and expand the changing rooms, with a particular focus on families and disabled users.

“The proposed plans for the health suite were communicated to customers in 2017, with plans displayed at the reception of the leisure center for several weeks last year. “

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