The World Health Organization recommends that yoga be offered in offices

According to the World Health Organization, yoga classes should be offered in the workplace to combat rising rates of depression.

Yoga is known for its mental health benefits, with breathing and stretching exercises helping to reduce stress. In addition to the usual perks, seeing your boss in a vulnerable “happy baby” pose might lighten the mood of even the most sullen employee.

The recommendations, developed in partnership with the International Labor Organization, aim to help reduce mental illness at work.

There should also be opportunities for other “leisure-based physical activities” in the workplace, such as walking or gym classes.

The WHO and ILO have advised companies to find outdoor locations for employees if these physical activities cannot be done in offices or other environments.

It’s worth mentioning here that if you don’t have a place to walk at your job, adding a little yoga to the day might not be enough to beat depression, maybe asking your boss to work off the job. the cage you are locked in should be the first step.

The WHO has also called on managers to take stress management courses and receive mental health training to recognize struggling employees.

The paper’s authors wrote, “A high workload increases the risk of symptoms of mental health problems.” They said companies should look at employee workloads to make sure no one is at risk of burnout.

The question is: will the bosses lighten the workload to make way for yoga classes? Cynics might predict that yoga classes will be full of people stressed out from the work they’re putting aside to make room for yoga class.

Also, where will they hold these yoga classes? Even the greatest yogis might struggle to find mindfulness under a fluorescent light on the folded meeting table.

“It’s time to focus on the detrimental effects that work can have on our mental health,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO.

“The well-being of the individual is reason enough to act, but poor mental health can also have a debilitating impact on a person’s performance and productivity.”

Hopefully, many bosses see the benefits of being kind and offering stress-relieving activities like yoga to their staff. It’s time to stop leaning back and start leaning forward halfway up.