The revolutionary “Buddha Jams Yoga and Event Center” is about to flourish

Buddha Jams

Owner, Buddha Jams

Jason Samel

An immersive experience designed to enlighten and fill your body, mind and spirit with lasting positive energy and vibes

The concept of Buddha Jams came to me when I realized that it is the same beautiful space that we enter while practicing yoga that we do as musicians when we jam.

—Jason Samel

GLEN COVE, NY, USA, June 13, 2022 / — Unlike a traditional yoga studio, the all-new sprawling 5,000 square foot indoor/outdoor yoga studio with instant lighting Buddha Jams Yoga at Glen Cove is far from your average studio. At night, Buddha Jams transforms into an event space with 2 stages, professional sound and an owner who is not only a yoga teacher but an entrepreneur who has also produced massive events, concerts and music festivals. Buddha Jams prides itself on teaching students to live in a state of cohesive community connection, culture, and spiritual freedom through connection to self, guided by breath, and explored through music and movement. Come feel the difference at our Grand Opening on Saturday, June 18, 2022 at our convenient location, 192 Glen Street in Glen Cove, NY 11542.

Doors open at 3 p.m. and the festivities begin at 4 p.m. This special event will include live musical performances by The Oddysy with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Public Enemy DJ Johnny Juice, Space Force with musical styles from Dave Berg and others, a yoga class free to live music, community meditation, and a one-of-a-kind drumming circle. Plus, craft vendors, art exhibit, bouncy house, hula hoops, free organic and delicious food, and hourly giveaways for everyone!


Buddha Jams Yoga is a community of like-minded individuals who want to not only practice yoga asana, but bring what we learn by practicing the 8 limbs of yoga into every moment of our existence. When we do not consciously take care of the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our body, we fall into an imbalance. Buddha Jams Yoga has carefully selected some of the most unique and connected wellness professionals available. Buddha Jams Yoga is the only wellness team in New York City to offer acupuncture, gemstone therapy, yoga physical therapy, group and individual talk therapy, sound bath therapy, Reiki and more.

Buddha Jams Yoga brings the community amazing events every week. They also produce live musical yoga jams (classes), free community conversations about yogic life and philosophy, drum circles, open-mic poetry readings, art galleries and much more. Buddha Jams Yoga is a space to come learn, love, commune, hold on, and above all, celebrate our universal connection with one another.

Their lineup of certified yoga teachers or as they like to call them “artists” are just that. Each of their artists embodies a beautiful and vast sense of creativity and excitement. Buddha Jams Yoga features a diverse lineup of artists with backgrounds in Hatha, Vinyassa, Ashtanga, Yin, Forest, Iyengar, Yoga Nidra, Pre Natal and other disciplines. Their promise is that at Buddha Jams there is a jam for everyone.

Buddha Jams is a totally immersive spiritual, cultural and community experience. Inspired by the connection, excitement, and overall vibe of your favorite music festivals, our studio is a space to celebrate yoga, music, life, and most importantly, ourselves. At Buddha Jams, each individual’s voice comes together in harmony to create our song. Only when we sing together can we hear the true sound of Aum. We offer a full range of yoga classes or jams as we call them, zumba, drum circles, wellness services and soul-enriching performances. Our teachers are one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind artists, all bringing something electric to the studio.

Entrepreneur and yogi Jason Samel, owner of Buddha Jams is a renowned record and concert producer as well as a yoga instructor. When COVID gripped the world like so many others, Jason withdrew into himself, began to deal with his past traumas, and became extremely depressed. A tall man at 5ft 6in and weighing 235lbs and in the worst mental state of his life, Jason felt he was running out of options. Then one day he sat down on a beach, took a few breaths, stretched, looked deep within, and quickly fell in love with the practice. Just 6 months later, after practicing yoga and meditation for at least 2 hours a day, Jason has lost 75 pounds and is in the greatest physical, emotional and spiritual shape of his life. Jason knew almost immediately that he wanted to share his love and passion for what yoga has done for him with everyone else so they too can experience the healing that the path brings. The concept of Buddha Jams came to Jason when he realized that it was the same beautiful space that we step into when practicing yoga that we do as musicians when we jam, it’s in that space where we are free of mind and body, and we become aware of our oneness with all.




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