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Photo by Chelsea Dufresne, courtesy of Inked Beauty Bar

Inked Beauty Bar in downtown St. Louis offers services that may challenge what your elders think like tattoo. Emily Thomas, salon owner and permanent makeup artist, says permanent makeup has evolved and has the potential to enhance the natural look.

“Eyebrows are the frame of the face,” says Thomas, describing Inked Beauty Bar’s most requested service: brow treatments. “Permanent makeup or microblading isn’t necessarily new. It’s been around for a while, but the techniques have changed over the years.

“In the past, they were more like a traditional tattoo, where they went deep into the dermal layer. It has become a very beautiful technique… We create small incisions in the skin and lightly implant ink in the High of the dermal layer.

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Photo courtesy of Inked Beauty Bar

During the brow powder service, tattoo machines implant ink into the upper layer of the dermis by gently pricking the skin instead of making small cuts. Thomas adds, “You create this light dusting of color that looks natural and soft.”

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Although commonly called “permanent makeup”, these beauty treatments are not eternal. Microblading results last about a year, while powder brows can last up to two years. Additional services include lip blushing to improve color and shape, which lasts two to three years, and permanent eyeliner, which can last three to five years.

“Right now the trend, especially among the younger generation, is thick, thick brows,” says Thomas. “They call it a ‘hyperrealistic brow,’ where it’s not so even – where it’s a little disheveled.”


Photo by BeatrixLin Photography, courtesy of Inked Beauty Bar

Another service on offer, appealing to all genders, is newly launched Scalp Micropigmentation. By creating small dots on the scalp, Inked Beauty Bar artists can create the illusion of hair follicles and thickness, creating a smooth appearance over multiple sessions, with results lasting four to six years.

“All of our workers undergo blood-borne pathogen training – the same training as any medical worker or person working with blood [must take]notes Thomas. “It’s vast and redone every year.” She adds that medical-grade sanitary facilities are used during each service and all tools are discarded after the appointment, with every tattoo machine, chair and tray covered in plastic during a session. It’s an effort to protect not only customers but also its team of artists.

“We love our customers,” says Thomas. “We love our community. We are currently giving away a monthly giveaway [to a selected individual who has sent in a story] of someone inspiring in their life. We’ve also partnered with the Sawyer Institute and are giving away free eyebrows to breast cancer survivors. We always try to give back.


Photo by BeatrixLin Photography, courtesy of Inked Beauty Bar

From teeth whitening to modern stretch mark revision treatments and with an extensive team of artists that includes a nail technician and lash artists, Inked Beauty Bar expands beauty solutions for those looking for a true transformation to make an impact. positive about their daily lifestyle.

Inked Beauty Bar, 3016 Locust St., Suite 104, St. Louis, 618-791-7719,