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The latest news on Coventry’s new Olympic swimming pool, steam room and sauna

Swimmers in Coventry face a longer-than-expected wait for the city’s new Olympic-size swimming pool – with work still underway.

Originally, the new 50-meter pool at the Alan Higgs Center was scheduled to open at the end of 2019, although that ultimately did not happen.

It is not yet clear why the pool is being delayed, although operator CV Life has confirmed that it is “still in talks with contractors”.

Although new swimming facilities have opened quite recently in Coventry, in the form of The Wave, the new swimming pool at the Alan Higgs Center, on Allard Way, is being built to replace the existing swimming pool at the Sports and Recreation Center. from Coventry.

The center of Fairfax Street is slowly being closed with many parts having already been taken out of service.

It is believed that once the new swimming pool is operational, the downtown recreation center will close completely.

What is happening with the new swimming pool?

In January 2019, there was great optimism that the Alan Higgs Center pool was progressing well.

Millions of liters of water have been added to seal the pool.

Once this construction phase was completed, the movable floor for the swimming pool was due to arrive from the Netherlands during the summer.

This had to be assembled on site, before the electrical and mechanical tests.

It’s good that it would take a week to completely fill

The movable floor can also go up to deck level or up to a total depth of two meters, and can be split in half with a submersible boom that can create a 25-meter basin and a 23.5-meter basin.

A platform joining the first floor of the Alan Higgs Center was also on the list, which would also accommodate a 500-seat viewing platform.

At this time, it is not clear how far these plans have progressed.

A CV Life spokesperson said: “We cannot comment on the opening date as we are still in discussions with the subcontractors. As soon as we confirm the details, we will notify customers. “

What else can you expect from the Alan Higgs Center?

In addition to the new swimming pool, a huge fitness room is expected to open this year.

This will include a sauna, hammam and jacuzzi.

A few weeks ago, before Christmas, the centre’s new gymnasium of more than 100 stations opened – and houses facilities including an indoor bike room and space for classes.

The pool and fitness room will function alongside the new indoor and outdoor 3G football fields on site, which now adjoin the pool development, as well as an existing four-court gym.

In total, £ 13.5million is believed to have been spent to modernize the gym and fitness room as well as the health room, relocate the 3G indoor pitch and create a 50m Olympic swimming pool.

According to CV Life, the money includes an investment from Coventry City Council and Sport England.

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