Start of lobbying for Yoga with PM Modi at the Palace

Yoga Shalas, Educational Institutions, residents’ associations compete for a place

By MT Yogesh Kumar

Mysore/Mysore: Everyone wants to be at Mysore Palace on June 21 to stretch and bend with Prime Minister Narendra Modi who will lead the 2022 mass Yoga performance. And lobbying for a place at the Palace has already begun.

First, it was announced that over 12,000 people will be inside the Palace campus. Later it was changed to 15,000 because the authorities are in a difficult situation or are under pressure to include many people seeking representation.

The final call will be taken by the AYUSH Ministry, AYUSH Department in Mysuru in coordination with the National Institute of Yoga Morarji Desai. Sources told Star of Mysore that registrations for the June 21 event will open via Google Forms in a day or two.

With the growing number of yoga enthusiasts in Mysuru and the pace that has been steadily growing over the past eight years, the demand to attend PM and other VVIPS has also increased. Demand increases in the coming days as D-Day approaches.

While the administration is beautifying the palace campus and surrounding areas and also keeping alternative venues ready in case of rain, they are also awaiting a response from the AYUSH Ministry and the National Institute of Yoga Morarji Desai who will take a final call on the number of participants based on guidance obtained from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and the Special Protection Unit (SPG).

In the meantime, the rush to enter the list of participants at the Palace has already begun and each institution – whether schools and colleges, yoga training institutes or resident welfare associations – seeks to be represented in the place which will be a high security zone.

Chairman of Mysore Yoga Federation and Director of GSS Foundation, D. Srihari said that the Federation has more than 250 members including yoga institutes and schools and there are more than 100 individual teachers. Overall, there are more than 3,000 yoga teachers and students of yoga schools and institutes in Mysuru under the Federation. And there are schools and colleges that have more than 400 to 500.

“Even if you take 10 participants from a school or college, the number will reach 5,000. In addition, there is the NCC, the NSS and the scouts and guides, associations and health care organizations and they will all seek to be represented at the Palace to be close to the representation of the Prime Minister. Also, the administration has asked the Federation to give a list of expert trainers who can train others for June 21 and the list will be ready in two or three days,” he added.

After Modi’s Yoga Day visit was confirmed, many resident wellness associations decided to be represented at the event. The Lopamudra Kodava Sangha at Vijayanagar First Stage called on all its members to attend the rehearsal at the Palace on June 5 (today), which was the first rehearsal under the yoga protocol to be followed on June 21. The Sangha intends to attend the main Yoga Day celebrations there in “full strength”. Along with the Vijayanagar Association, many other Resident Welfare Associations have also sent out communication to their members to show up for rehearsals so they can get a chance to perform on June 21.

Idea to switch to Race Course

Stakeholders from the tourism and hospitality industry had approached Union Minister Pralhad Joshi urging him to change the venue from Mysore Palace to Mysore Hippodrome so that at least one lakh of yoga enthusiasts can happen.

Speaking to Star of Mysore, Federation of Organizations and Associations of Mysuru (FOAM) Chairman BS Prashanth said they suggested moving the venue to the Hippodrome as many would like to do yoga with PM Modi. “It’s a dream to do yoga with the PM. As it’s a 75th year of independence, it made more sense to keep a crowd of 75,000 inside the racecourse,” he said. -he declares.

But FOAM’s proposal was not accepted because the Protection Panel would have to approve the proposal and it would be impossible to search 75,000 people within a specified time.