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The sisters open a new yoga studio in Coconut Creek
Becky and Vivi Warman. {Courtesy}

By Sharon Aron Baron

YogaSix, a contemporary boutique fitness studio, brings a whole new vibe to one of the world’s oldest practices.

Located inside the Coconut Creek Boardwalk at 4467 Lyons Rd, the studio will promote less stress and more yoga in a nurturing, inclusive, and fun environment.

Based in Irving, California, YogaSix was founded in 2012. The Coconut Creek franchise is owned by sisters Vivi and Becky Warman.

Raised in Miami, after graduating from college they moved to New York to begin their separate career path. Vivi chose a career in the fashion industry, while Becky opted for a job in corporate America.

To the world, it seemed like the Warman sisters had their “dream jobs” in a “dream city,” but they felt they lacked substance in their professional lives.

Becky and Vivi set out to find a business venture that combined their personal and professional ambitions. After researching new business ownership opportunities and meeting with YogaSix, they knew they had found the perfect fit.

The “Six” in YogaSix refers to the studio’s six core class formats – Y6 101, Y6 Restore, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Hot, Y6 Power and Y6 Sculpt & Flow.

Each class offered at YogaSix has a specific purpose and produces specific benefits for the body. This modality is excellent for beginners who may be intimidated by yoga or exercise.

To introduce the new studio to the Coconut Creek community, YogaSix will be offering three free classes to anyone who wants to try out the new studio. A grand opening event for the new studio will be announced soon.

Those interested in subscribing to a monthly subscription will be able to choose between four, eight visits or an unlimited number of visits per month and without an appointment. More information about the new studio can be found at

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