Saudi yoga body promotes ancient practice in Eastern Province

JEDDAH: The three days of Comic Con Arabia 2022 came to a close on Saturday, as visitors showed off their costume-making skills and stylish poses in a cosplay contest.

The competition was divided into three categories: Comic Con Arabia, Best Performance and Best Costume Making and attracted 75 contestants, all vying for SR10,000 ($2,660) in total.

Ibrahim Al-Sadaan, who traveled from Eastern Province to attend the event, won the Comic Con Arabia category and with it a cash prize of SR5,000.

“I love cosplay,” the 25-year-old told Arab News. “I have been very passionate since I was young.”

Al-Sadaan won over the judges with his portrayal of Scorpion, a villainous character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise. He said his costume took six weeks to create and he spent an additional week mastering his poses, but the victory was no surprise.

“I have already represented the Kingdom at the Japanese International Cosplay Championship in Riyadh, and today was my sixth win,” he said.

The Best Performance and Costume Design prizes were awarded to visitors dressed as Japanese manga characters Spy x Family and Jujutsu Kaisen respectively, who each won SR 2,500.

Competitors were judged by three professional cosplayers: Taryn from Italy, Harry Field from the UK and Sakuraflor from the Netherlands.

Taryn has a large fanbase in Jeddah and has signed countless autographs in the meet and greet area.

“I will hold this precious memory in my heart and I’m sure I will see you again in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

Field said Saudi comic fans have taken cosplay to another level with their creativity.

“I’ve had the opportunity to travel to so many places now, and I’m really good at spotting upcoming communities and where things will go up,” he told Arab News.

“The Saudis have done amazing things in esports and gaming events…and (their) level of cosplay is absolutely amazing. The people here are so creative that they bring every character they create and bring it to life.

Sakuraflor said she was impressed with the passion shown by the fans.

“They’re the most positive, kind and respectful fans I’ve ever met. They’re super sweet and the energy is super high. I’ve seen the performances, I’m in awe. They go crazy and I love it .

Other villains and superheroes on display included Spider-Man, Deadpool, the Joker and Wonder Woman, while several horror movie characters including Chucky, Harley Quinn and Leatherface also made appearances.