Steam room

Rushcliffe Arena’s sauna and steam room are ‘indefinitely’ closed to the public

The sauna and steam room at Rushcliffe Arena have been closed “indefinitely” to the public.

Rugby Road gymnasium facilities in West Bridgford have closed after a decision by the operator with the full support of Rushcliffe Borough Council – who own the building.

A disgruntled customer criticized the decision and said he is “concerned” that the two facilities are no longer available.

Andrew Doughty, 71, of Cropwell Butler, has been a member of the gym for over four years.

He said: “I am very concerned about what happened.

“It’s now used as a storage room. I used to go there almost every day in the winter. It’s a social thing as well as having perks, I used to meet friends and colleagues there from job.

“I have seasonal depression and using it has been great for that. In the winter you can walk in and it’s like you’re on the beach – you sit under that light and it’s nice and warm.

“So that really helped me.”

The board said the decision was made because of unreliability, high repair costs and ‘misuse’.

The facilities were closed in 2020 due to the pandemic and have remained closed ever since. Mr Doughty says he does not believe the decision was made due to issues of vandalism or misuse, but rather was made as a business decision.

“I think it’s just an excuse on their part,” he said.

“I don’t think they want to bother to make them work.”

A spokesperson for Rushcliffe Borough Council told Nottinghamshire Live: ‘We have worked closely with Parkwood Leisure, who operate the facilities at Rushcliffe Arena, after the sauna and steam room closed in 2020 under Covid restrictions -19 at this time.

“The facilities have remained closed since then due to unreliability, high repair costs and poor use which, combined with their general lack of use, do not represent good value for money. Therefore, Parkwood has made the decision, with our support, to close the sauna and steam room indefinitely.

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