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Rushall beauty salon owner named best medical aesthetic practitioner in England

WALSALL JONATHAN HIPKISS 03/29/2022. Owner of CB Beautiful Group in Rushall, Walsall has won the International Aesthetic Award for Best Medical Aesthetic Practitioner in England. Pictured is Charlie Eggenton.

Charlie Eggenton opened CB Beautiful Group, in Lichfield Road, in 2019 and was immediately thrown into uncertainty due to lockdown regulations.

However, Charlie persevered and in addition to offering new semi-permanent makeup treatments, botox and dermal fillers, she also attracted more students to teach various products and treatments.

In 2020 she came third at the British Aesthetics Awards West Midlands, but last week at the International Aesthetics Awards she was named the best medical aesthetic practitioner in England.

She said: “I was in shock. Thank you all for all the cards and all the gifts.

“I can’t believe I managed to stay open after the pandemic and now that I’ve won this award, I think it’s a positive story about a local business still trying.”

Charlie has many professional qualifications including as a phlebotomist, tutor and she has launched her own line of beauty products.

She said: “I am passionate about both dentistry and aesthetics and pride myself on going the extra mile to care for my patients.

“Promoting equality and diversity within my clinic and supporting practitioners across the UK with our aesthetic support group.”