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Richland beauty salon launches formula swap amid nationwide shortages

RICHLAND, Wash. — Baby formula shortages have families across the country struggling to find formula for their own infants.

A local beauty salon, Atlas Beauty, decided to do something about it by hosting a baby formula swap.

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“I wanted to do this because I love my daughter and sympathize and want to help out,” said Bailey Brake, hairstylist at Atlas Beauty. Brake has a 10 month old daughter at home.

“I don’t want anyone to find themselves in a situation where they can’t feed their baby. It’s a nationwide thing and it sucks,” Brake said.

The show started the program on Tuesday. Organizers say they haven’t received many donations yet, but they hope more donations will arrive as the program continues.

Families can contact Brake if they need a specific type of formula. If it was donated, the salon will set it aside for the family. If not, Brake will help you organize an “In Search Of” Facebook post.

“Let’s say they need Similac and we haven’t posted it,” Brake said. “They’re more than welcome to message us – or any brand really. That way we can kind of get an ‘ISO’ online.

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Families looking for a formula can contact Brake directly at (407) 406-1892. She’s always working with clients, so if she doesn’t respond right away, texting might be best.

“It’s a Florida area code, but we’re located in Richland,” Brake said.

Atlas Beauty accepts donations in person and at a donation drop box outside of its facilities. In-person donations take place during office hours while Brake is on duty and will be posted on their Facebook page here.

After hours, donations are also accepted. Atlas Beauty is located at 1311 Mansfield Street, Suite 101 in Richland, just behind the Li’l Firehouse Coffee stand.

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