Public Works: Deep House Yoga Resonance with Cecily Guest, Femmelectric and The Sound Sorcery

Deep House Yoga presents “Resonance” a 2 hour yoga, music and sound healing event, including a 1 hour and 15 minute yoga practice, a musical journey and a 30 minute sound bath with a Reiki personal sound. An after-class non-alcoholic cocktail is included with your ticket!
We are honored to bring together Cecily Guest, Femmelectric and The Sound Sorcery to co-create and collaborate for Deep House Yoga at Public Works on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 10 7PM.
“Deep House Yoga is a healing event, fusing yoga, body movement, dance, music and sound healing to leave you feeling connected and happy. Resonance is an event focused on the healing power of sound and music, honoring how music can help us heal, emotionally, somatically and physically. The musical journey will be deeply melodic and healing, and the Sound Healing will feature Sound Healing Reiki – Sound Witchcraft will move through space providing 1-1 sound healing during a 30 minute sound bath during Savasana “As always – All are welcome to our events, and it will be an all-level course suitable for all yogis, new and old. Our events are all about conscious connection and community. Come to class, but keep in touch with those around you “
*** Yoga-themed mocktails after class ***

Cecily Guest is a 20 year yoga veteran and 25 year fitness professional with numerous certifications and experience as an instructor, personal trainer and body-mind facility manager. She has worked with the best organizations in the country; Equinox, Crunch Fitness, The Sports Club Corporation, New York Sports Clubs, Yogatree / Yoga Works and more.
Cecily is listed with Blackyogasuperstars, Black Yoga Teacher Alliance and was Lululemon Ambassador for the Bay Area for 2 years. She has presented for IDEA, Self Magazine, Yoga for Hope and at the Rimini Fitness Festival in Rimini Italy, and has presented for the disabled community and numerous corporate events.

femmelectric explores sound storytelling through dynamic and rhythmic soundtracks that transcend a single mood or a single era. She’s known to cross genres, but with her early rave roots in Florida, the classic breakbeat and its derivatives are still in close rotation. femmelectric is committed to supporting women in electronic music by hosting several women-focused events each year, including annual International Women’s Day events.
More Chill Mixes:…/femmelectric-fault-radio-dj……/femmelectric-fault-radio-dj…

Sound Healing by The Sound Sorcery
Sound Witchcraft is the sound healing practice and art of Bay Area natives Drew Burch and Kelly Finn. Their immersive approach to sound meditation places the listener at the center of sound, suspending them in frequencies specifically tuned to resonate with their body. By blending Reiki and the Sound Bath, The Sound Sorcery offers individual energetic cleansing for deeper restorative healing.

Stay “safe” and well during this experience. A note on responsibility, responsibility and listening to your body and what it needs.
1) We provide a stimulating and safe space in which to practice by always offering modifications and breaks. It is a course for all levels. It is essential that you remain fully responsible for your own physical and general well-being during this course. No responsibility will be taken for any injuries you may suffer during this practice.
2) We expect you to see your doctor if you have any pre-existing health issues and see if an all-level yoga class is right for you.
3) The golden rule is “if this doesn’t suit you, don’t do it”. We encourage you to stop by when you need to. Do not hesitate to ask for help during the course. It is your body and you have nothing to do with what the teacher teaches you if it is not right for you.
4) As with any physical activity and in life itself, the risk of injury is always present and cannot be completely eliminated. If you feel pain or discomfort, you agree to listen to your body, adjust posture, or stop all together. You state that you alone are responsible for deciding whether or not to practice yoga.
5) Practice deepening your awareness and understanding of your body and yourself. And enjoy this experience smoothly.
6) DHY and its contributors are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury resulting from your choice to participate in this event.

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