Police investigators questioned Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, a 34-year-old yoga instructor, after learning she was wanted for a misdemeanor theft of services.

The automobile at the center of the case against a fugitive Texas yoga instructor who killed a professional cyclist out of jealous rage was sold the day after she was questioned by police.

On May 14, Austin police investigators questioned 34-year-old yoga instructor Kaitlin Marie Armstrong after learning she was wanted for a felony theft of services, according to the Daily Beast.

After receiving an anonymous tip that Armstrong lost her temper when she learned that her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, had previously been romantically involved with Wilson, police took the opportunity to briefly question her about the death of Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson a few days earlier.

Police showed Armstrong video surveillance of his SUV appearing to stop outside the apartment where Wilson was discovered dead on May 11 during questioning.

Even though Strickland, 35, allegedly told Armstrong, his girlfriend of three months, that he was laying flowers for someone and his phone was dead, the video was time stamped just a minute after Wilson, 25, entered the building after swimming and having dinner with Strickland.

A probable cause affidavit for Armstrong’s arrest claims that she “had no explanation as to why he was in the vicinity and offered no denial of statements made to him.” During questioning, Armstrong apparently confessed that “it doesn’t look right.”

Armstrong received a check for a Jeep Grand Cherokee the next day from a CarMax business in South Austin for $12,200, but Austin police were ultimately forced to let Armstrong go after realizing that the warrant for Judgment for his arrest was exhausted.

Before being brought in for questioning on May 13, she sold the car to the dealership, according to officers from the US Marshals Lone Star Fugitive Task Force, who made the announcement on Thursday.

Armstrong then allegedly boarded a plane from Austin Bergstrom International Airport and has since disappeared.

Debra Cronin, a former wife of Wilson’s grandfather who advocated for justice in Wilson’s murder, told The Daily Beast, “It’s like she just disappeared into thin air.”

Before boarding a later flight to New York’s LaGuardia Airport on May 14, Armstrong reportedly planned a trip from Austin Bergstrom International Airport to Houston.

Authorities have released CCTV footage of a woman they suspect is her walking through Austin airport while carrying what appears to be a yoga mat over her shoulders, wearing a black face mask , a denim jacket, a black blouse and white leggings. .

On May 18, just a day after Austin police issued a homicide warrant for her, Armstrong was last seen being dropped off at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Armstrong allegedly got a ride to the New Jersey airport, but found she didn’t have tickets for a one-way trip, according to US Marshals.

Later, a guest at the Camp Haven resort in Livingston Manor, New York, told Fox News that Christine Armstrong, Armstrong’s sister, resided there and that he had last seen Armstrong a month prior.

She was [here] not so long ago, he said. “Just before it all exploded”

According to NewsNation, Armstrong may be using an alias, according to former FBI special agent Tracy Walder, and private investigators have received reports suggesting she may be using her sister’s name.

The location of the encampment has been confirmed by marshals, but they will not confirm whether Armstrong assumes his sister’s identity.

The distance from Newark Liberty International Airport to the camp is approximately two and a half hours.

Authorities have raised the price to $21,000 in the interim for any information regarding Armstrong’s whereabouts.

Armstrong is described by authorities as white with long, curly light brown hair and hazel eyes. She weighs around 125 pounds and is five feet eight inches tall.

When Wilson’s friend called police to report she discovered Wilson with multiple gunshot wounds just before 10 p.m. on May 11, police say they first learned of the shooting.

When officers arrived, they saw Wilson receiving CPR from the person she had been staying with, along with several casings on the floor.

Wilson was quickly pronounced dead by authorities.

Apparently, they learned that Wilson had gone to dinner with Strickland earlier that evening. Strickland later told police the two swam at Deep Eddy Pool before grabbing burgers at Pool Burger.

On his BMW motorcycle, Strickland claimed he picked her up from her friend Caitlin Cash’s apartment at 5.45pm and dropped her off again at 8.36pm. Shortly after, he texted to Armstrong to let him know he had left flowers for another friend and his phone battery was dead.

However, Armstrong had apparently monitored both Strickland and Mo using the Strava riding app, which displays the routes taken by runners and cyclists.

Armstrong’s black Jeep Cherokee was spotted approaching the property, which is located above a garage in the back of a larger home, around 8:35 p.m., according to a neighbor who requested anonymity during a previous interview with

Additionally, she revealed to that Armstrong was seen on camera the day before riding his bike in the same location.

Cash called the police at 9:26 p.m. to report that she had returned home to find Mo bleeding on the bathroom floor.

Although neighbors, including the owner of the residence directly connected to the garage, said they heard no gunshots or other disturbances, police said she was shot multiple times.

According to, the neighbor whose home security system filmed Armstrong’s car believes Armstrong was using a muffler.

Strickland, a professional rider who was once sponsored by Red Bull, claimed in a statement earlier this month that he met Wilson through cycling and had a “brief” romantic relationship with her in late October 2021.

He said that in early December he and Armstrong reunited and he had no intention of pursuing an “auxiliary relationship that would fool anyone.”

However, he acknowledged in the police affidavit that after Armstrong learned of the affair in January, he erased Wilson’s number from his phone and changed it to an anonymous identity on his iPhone.

After their relationship with Armstrong became problematic, Strickland reportedly told The Sun that he started dating Wilson.

According to him, it was simply an intriguing moment because Mo had visited a friend in Austin the same week he ended his relationship with Kaitlin. We started spending time together, and it was totally unplanned.

Immediately after that, Kaitlin started dating other guys because “it was clearly told to Kaitlin at that time.”

We were obviously going our separate ways, but we just couldn’t find the momentum to do it, he continued.

The professional cyclist also claimed that when their relationship ended last year he had only had “limited communication” with Wilson, saying the affidavit implied otherwise.

After that, Mo and I spoke about twice a month, and Strickland felt the affidavit had been misrepresented in a very misleading way.

Because “Kaitlin and I were involved in several businesses together,” he added, “Kaitlin and I got back together.”

Additionally, Strickland reiterated that their connection was platonic at the time and denied having sex with Wilson on the day of his death.

If that hadn’t been the case, he claimed, there would have been a plan to do things differently, but that plan never materialized.
There were no signs that “anything was wrong” with Armstrong, according to Strickland, who has apparently been in a “shocked mourning mode” since Wilson was killed.

She is, in my opinion, one of the least erratic people I have ever met, which is why it is so shocking, he said. She had personality quirks that I don’t believe she ever revealed to anyone.

I had no advance warning of anything similar.

The runner admitted that Wilson’s death still saddens him, but he did not say if he had spoken to Wilson’s family.

However, he mentioned that Armstrong and Wilson spoke in person in January at a cycling meet in Arkansas.

After the incident, Wilson reportedly texted Strickland asking, “I just want to know what’s going on. This weekend was unusual for me.

I’d like to discuss this because honestly, my head is spinning and I’m not sure what to think. If you just want to be friends, that’s fine too.

Friends of Strickland, 35, later told he had “absolutely stayed away from Dodge” until Armstrong was apprehended for fear of becoming his second victim.

None of us can sleep, said close friend David, 42, of Lockhart, Texas. Until she is apprehended, he will remain hidden. I know where he is, but I won’t say where for fear of endangering him.

He’s absolutely out of Dodge and not in Texas.

These claims have not been independently verified by Strickland.

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