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Pink and Sweet Seda beauty salon in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire

“We spoke to Seda Ozen, owner of Seda Beauty Salon, Hertfordshire’s top beauty salon, about the secrets to success.”

‘Recognize your beauty!’

Seda Beauty Salon is a beauty salon known for its prestige, as well as its small size and gentleness. Moreover, it is located in Waltham Cross, one of the most spectacular and magnificent squares in England. So, if we ask, how did the management of a small store make its name so public? That’s exactly the question we wanted to answer with company owner, esthetician and author Seda Ozen. At the same time, it must be said that we obtained different information on recommendations for new entrepreneurs and those who want to own a business. On the other hand, if we want to present this profession which is distinguished by its prestige, we would like to say that we cannot fit this presentation into sentences. Because Seda Ozen, which stands out for its very different achievements and the satisfaction of its customers, manages this company with its determination. With the principles and goals he brings with him, he is rapidly increasing in popularity. With the principles and goals she brings with her, she is rapidly increasing in popularity.

Additionally, customers in major areas such as Cheshunt, Edmonton, Essex, Epping, Waltham Abbey, Herts, Harlow and Hertfordshire are also booking, and not just connected to a single location. Moreover, the beginning of this adventurous adventure dates back 14 years. On the other hand, Seda Ozen, which has been in existence for a long time, like 14 years, enthusiastically starts its business in a small shop at the very beginning. In addition, she approaches her clients like a friend with her sincerity, her friendly demeanor and a fairly gentle language. Thus, it aims for the best service, maintaining customer satisfaction at the highest level. So why is Seda Beauty Salon preferred by customers? Company owner Seda Ozen emphasizes to us that working with perseverance in a reasoned way is a reward that comes back. Moreover, company owner Seda Ozen, who also said that this endless adventure is a journey and anything can be achieved with patience and perseverance, offers us another detail.

Finally, with her experience, she transformed her small shop into a large salon in Waltham Cross in 8 months. Best beauty salon in Waltham Cross… Believing in shades of white and pink will also enhance the beauty salon in terms of appearance; it aims to prepare a place that stands out for its beauty, unlike a beauty salon. We would like to remind you that it entails a great responsibility for new entrepreneurs. Business owner Seda Ozen is not alone on this path. Her husband, media consultant and author Alaattin Cagil is always with her as a design and moral support. So, with her husband, who is involved in this adventure, they create a minimal and soft shop for design and all other work. From this point of view, we see that they also do a good job in terms of design. As it is, we can also say that another way to attract customers is cleanliness and a pleasant image in favor of thoroughness.

Finally, let’s approach the principles explained by Seda Ozen with the perseverance and the state that came from this success. Let’s not forget that you need to have a goal and a rule to win clients from the point of view of accuracy and continuity, which Seda Ozen seems to have achieved in its own way. What are the secrets of this success? If you need to briefly review the item, you can explain the item:

1. Customer satisfaction: We know that customers are the most valuable people who are among the most important principles and will improve your business. Thus, it is useful not to forget the importance of customer satisfaction, which is one of the most important issues behind the experience provided.

Seda Ozen, the owner of the company, explains this important principle as follows: “It doesn’t matter if you get more or less service; on the contrary, it is important to be able to solve customers’ questions or problems in terms of quality and sincerity. She states that he always aims to have a good time with customers by establishing his sentence.

2. Accept responsibility for problems: Accountability in all respects is a core feature that all business owners will determine. In addition, the attitude to problems reveals with it respectability and reliability. In this way, it can be said that it allows you to increase your quality of service on continuity in the face of your customers due to problems.

Thus, the question of how to follow a path in terms of development in this way can be answered in Seda Ozen with the following answer: “Accepting constant responsibility for a service or a problem. Because the responsibility is not just yours, your team also determines the state of your service quality and reputation. Thus, you should not fail to be able to be a privileged face in terms of respectability and reliability. She continues to develop through her words.

3. Personal development and research: In another way, she can say that there are also benefits to growing, rather than your constant business. We would also like to say that it can give you the potential to accelerate your development. In this way, you can increase both ourselves and the service we will provide from a personal point of view, and you can chart a path towards your business with the information you have obtained.

Additionally, business owner Seda Ozen is not shy about reading different books on development, economics, and psychology. She interprets the reason for her reading simply with these words; “I know the greatest value we can add to ourselves is knowledge. So I don’t avoid improving myself, on the contrary, I can’t wait to acquire new knowledge! with his sentences, he again gives us the secret of success.

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