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New York City Equinox gym lets men have orgies in steam room: costume


The men’s steam rooms at Equinox gyms are such a hotbed of lust that a Manhattan outpost let its members organize orgies there, according to a lawsuit.

A man who complained after a stranger masturbating allegedly put his hand on him during a steaming said he heard the complaint from an official in October.

He is one of five men who have joined together in a new class action lawsuit against Equinox, claiming the gym is ignoring “the misconduct in [its] hammams.

Twice in three days, the 34-year-old marketing rep, identified as RS in the lawsuit, got more than expected when he took a steam bath at the Columbus Circle location.

“The next thing I know is I feel a hand on my thigh and I jump and say, ‘What is this!’ and there’s a guy sitting there masturbating and the guy who touched me was masturbating too, ”he told the Post.

He told a locker room attendant, but RS saw the practical man training the next day, he said.

When he encountered more men masturbating at his next steam room, he intensified his complaint. A manager mentioned the orgies of Thursday evening, when a clique took over the hammam.

Equinox has “done nothing to correct the problem,” said RS lawyer Marc Held.

The gym is revoking the memberships of those accused of obscene behavior, an Equinox spokeswoman said.

RS decided to join the Manhattan Supreme Court case after another man spoke to The Post in April about his encounter with masturbation in Equinox steam rooms.

“I’m as gay as they come. It’s not about homosexuals or straight people, it’s about good and bad, ”RS said.


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