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Netizens warn against trapping beauty salon packages after Ang Mo Kio salon closed

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Despite attractive benefits and discounts on services, netizens have warned against hair or beauty salon packages as these can backfire with the customer losing money.

It was reported that the recent closure of Bling Bling Nails nail salon prompted 50 complaints between October 1, 2021 and June 20, 2022, from customers who had not been reimbursed for their remaining nail service packages. . The total contract value of these packages is more than S$40,000, the President of the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE), Melvin Yong, told Mothership June 22.

The complaints noted that another nail salon, Collate Nails, refused to honor unused packages even after Bling Bling Nails confirmed that the new owner would take over the service packages.

Collate Nails founder Cherie Yu said in a Facebook Livestream on June 21 that she bought the Ang Mo Kio Bling Bling Nails outlet because it would be a better option than starting from scratch.

Bling Bling Nails owner Low Kaining told Ms Yu that there were unused manicure service packages, although these would quickly be sold out by customers.

Ms. Yu explained that for every S$300 a customer spends, they will receive S$800 in credit. Some of the packages offered a 50% discount on services.

If they continued to operate under the previous owners’ rates and package terms, Collate Nails would go bankrupt, Ms Yu said.

She also said that customers who cannot resolve the issue with Bling Bling Nails could contact CASE for assistance.

Meanwhile, netizens have said such bundles are dangerous discounts to fall into.

“Once you buy a plan, you become a second-class customer because they are more interested in serving new customers who haven’t paid,” Facebook user Kevin Goh said in a comment with more than 155 likes.

“But you who have already deposited your $$$ with them, you will be treated like an outcast… the good time slots you want to book are not for you, they are for passing customers”, he said. he adds.

“Never take a package with all these beauty and hair salon products!” said Facebook user Kelvin Tan. “They can close whenever they want! Instead pay every time you are there and ignore the discount they give you.

“Never buy a package. Especially during this kind of time. I don’t know when they will close. Or they will always say that a new company is taking over. The last time sign pack can’t be used unless you buy another new pack from them, blah blah…all bluff,” Facebook user Joreen Sim added. /TISG

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