“Neo-humanism, Rajadhiraja Yoga’s panacea to global ills”

The centenary celebration of the birth of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar aka Shrii Shrii Anandmurti was celebrated with great fervor and mirth here on Wednesday.

Over 500 Margis including monks and nuns from across the country, dignitaries from different walks of life as well as supporters from Odisha attended the event. Ananda Marga was founded by PR Sarkar in the small township of Jamalpur, Bihar in 1955 with the twin aims of self-liberation (atma moksartham) and service to humanity (Jagat hitayaca).

Former State Information Commissioner and CYSD Founder Jagadananda graced the occasion as the chief guest and highlighted the pioneering role of Ananda Marga as a socio-economic, cultural and spiritual movement that played a catalytic role in awakening and guiding people on the path to righteousness.

Acharya Sarbeswarananda Avadhuta, World Education Secretary, as a guest of gonour, underlined how Gurudev was a true neo-humanist, sensitive to the plight of the marginalized, disadvantaged and exploited layers of human society as well as to flora and fauna life.

Priyakrishnanda Avadhuta, World Relief Secretary, attended as a special guest for the occasion. He emphasized the importance of Rajadhiraja Yoga improvised by Anandmurti for the holistic development of the individual through which the decay of values ​​in different areas of life can be addressed.

Prof. Aditya Kumar Mohanty, Central University of Tripura as the keynote speaker explained how human society stands at a crossroads engulfed in an unprecedented crisis and the socio-economic cultural blueprint given by Sarkar in the form neo-humanism and Rajadhiraja Yoga. would serve as an infallible panacea to global ills.

Global Training Secretary Ananda Marga Acharya Bikashnanda Avadhuta presided. Souvenirs in English and Odia were released by the main guest and the president. The occasion was marked by a cultural program by artists from the RAWA Academy.