Personal care treatments

Men demand cosmetic treatments based on professional requirements

According to information extracted from a recent study by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine, two out of ten men currently seek aesthetic medical treatments. This figure is increasing and, although it does not reach the values ​​reported for the female population, where the figure is five out of ten women, it does reflect a growing interest among men in maintaining a youthful appearance and taking care of their appearance.

The leader of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of Quironsalud Marbella Hospital, Doctor Natalia Cardenas Chandler, explains that “in general, it can be said that men come to the practice of aesthetic medicine with the intention of changing their external appearance to achieve one that reassures them at work or helps them find employment opportunities. . Another reason is related to their need to consolidate their social status”.

Concerning the profile of the patients, our expert specifies that “the patients are on average 35 years old and expect a high level of success and discretion vis-à-vis the results of the treatment. In other words, they demand high positive results from their treatments, but no apparent proof. Speed ​​is another demand from these male patients. They ask for an agile treatment plan that only requires one session”.

Social media pressure

Although the reasons why men and women adopt aesthetic medicine vary by gender, there is one common characteristic of both segments, and that is social media. The new relationship scenarios that have emerged since the emergence of digital social media platforms have created great “pressure” on people’s outward appearance.

Doctor Cardenas Chandler highlights the increase in visits where patients are looking for looks similar to some social media influencers. “It is customary for patients to bring a photograph, usually modified with a filter, and for patients to demand a similar appearance. However, this is usually not an adequate starting point, because in the process of a cosmetic intervention it is extremely important to adapt to the physiognomy of each person in order to obtain truly positive results,” says the Doctor.

The leader of the Aesthetic Medicine Unit of Quironsalud Marbella The hospital lists the most common procedures that male patients undergo:

  • Facial remodeling in order to obtain the verticality of the facial image.
  • Relaxation of upper third negative facial expressions.
  • Definition of eyelids and eyebrows.
  • Highlighting the angle of the jawline as well as defining the jawline to achieve a broad, square chin.
  • Skin lightening, rejuvenating effect.
  • Hide acne scars.

The most common aesthetic medical procedures are the administration of toxins, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, laser procedures…etc.