Meet Archana Rao, India’s Only Female Laughter Yoga Therapist

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Meet Archana Rao, India’s Only Female Laughter Yoga Therapist

August 16: We know that laughter is the best medicine, but do you know how much laughter can affect your well-being, your work environment and improve the overall quality of work as an individual or in a group.

Many companies have recently been looking for ways for the well-being of their staff to reduce stress, increase productivity levels and create happier environments. The pandemic has further reinforced the need for people to relax and be in their state of well-being.

In this quest, we met Archana Rao, India’s most well-known laughter yoga expert, coach and therapist. She runs her organization, Laughter Yoga India, after being trained under the capable smiles of Dr. Madan Kataria, the proponent of laughter therapy worldwide. She is a leading female entrepreneur leading these sessions for businesses and social organizations in the Indian subcontinent.

In a conversation with Archana, we asked her to explain a bit more about Laughter Yoga and how it works.

She began her response with a “Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha”, the signature greeting, then told us about her passion and love for creating this “unique entrepreneurial model of laughter yoga” for social transformation and change. ‘company. She uses various tools and techniques like games, music and dance that mix her experiences with the joy of laughter. The Laughter Yoga session package offers a holistic approach to laughter therapy, meditation and relaxation sessions to create value and effectiveness.

When asked what type of yoga is laughter, she replied, “It takes a lot of breathing to exercise the lungs, clapping to exercise the palms, laughing to exercise the face, and moving to spread the laughter, thus exercising the whole body. And that is why the therapy is called laughter yoga.” Medically, laughter has been proven to release endorphins that instantly improve the body’s metabolism and feel-good factor, thereby complementing behaviors and outings at work.

Along with understanding the challenges of the process, she mentioned, “Making people laugh without jokes or comedy isn’t easy. People are conditioned that way.”

She added, “Each group I give the session to is unique in its own way based on audience profiles, backgrounds, content and the right context.” The initial resistance in the first minutes of the session is overcome thanks to the unique methodology followed and the participation exercises. She says these same people end the sessions with a happy, peaceful, jovial state of laughter that makes the programs effective and makes my day.

Archana has worked with many large companies, some multiple times, and the results have been amazing. Reviews and testimonials are on his website


We continued to ask her about the other work she does and found her passionately saying that, “I also work for social causes where I do events with young children in schools, colleges and universities, with the LGBT community, with cancer patients and survivors, with seniors who need help, etc. All for social causes and at no cost, just out of passion to help communities live the joy of laughter”. She mentioned that her life mission is to “keep creating magic and miracles, always be grateful, seek inspiration within, and never give up.” She ended the conversation emphasizing her motto –

“Live – As if there was no tomorrow” and “Love – One and all”.

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