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Marion beauty salon owner Sue Brammer retires after 52 years

A Marion County beauty salon that has been in business for 45 years is closing July 1.

Today’s Trend Salon, located at 708 E. Center St. in Marion, has been owned and operated by Sue Brammer since she began serving area residents in 1977. In total, she works as a hairstylist for 52 years.

“I worked at two other locations before opening my own shop,” said Sue, who is retiring from the business effective July 1. “Then we opened the shop in 1977. My little shop (corner of E. Center and Baker streets) had three little chairs and just a few parking spots out front and that was it. There was a store of maternity hospital there when we moved in. (Mari Perry Brammer) had to redo the whole interior. He did it all.”

As her customer base grew, it became clear to Sue that she needed a bigger space to accommodate the growing business. In 1979, Sue and Perry moved her salon to its current location at 708 E. Center St.

“I kept thinking, ‘I need parking,’ and I was walking past (the building at 708 E. Center St.) and I saw this big ‘for sale’ sign in front,” a- she declared. “So we moved here in 1979 and we redid this building. We opened on August 7th, it’s our wedding anniversary.”

Over the years, Sue said, she’s had as many as 10 employees on staff at Today’s Trend Salon, including her two daughters, Lisa Moser and Amy Johnson, and several friends.

“Two of my really good friends worked for me for 20 years,” she said. “My eldest daughter, Lisa, she worked for me for 20 years. And Amy worked with me for 30 years. She’s straight out of beauty school and started working here. Big roller coaster, you got highs and lows.”

Sue said her clients have supported Today’s Trend Salon “1000%” over the years.

“Oh my god. They feel like they’re at home here,” she said. “It’s really going to hurt their hearts because of the closure. People who come here feel like family. We’ve had a very successful business.”

Sue noted that the decision to close the salon was due to health concerns. She has struggled physically since undergoing shoulder replacement surgery two years ago, she said.

“I’ve been really sick lately, just over two years now and haven’t been able to work,” she shared. “Doctors made me retire. Amy just dived and a lot of my clients stayed with her because it’s our home. And we always had that home feeling. They could always count on us, working them, doing anything, surprises, and they love it. They loved being here. And it’s going to be tough.”

Perry Brammer, who worked for Marion Power Shovel for 33 years before retiring, has been Sue’s handyman since she opened her salon 45 years ago. During his career, he also worked 10 years as a building superintendent at Emmanuel Lutheran Church and spent the last six years working in maintenance at the Ohio Highway Patrol’s Marion Post.

With her mother’s business closing, Amy Johnson, youngest daughter of Sue and Perry Brammer, moves to another salon in Marion. She will begin a new career at Hair Designers, located at 553 E. Center St. in Marion, in mid-July.

“Betty Terrazas is the owner of (Hair Designers) and I’ve known her for years. That’s where I felt the most peace as I looked around in different places to transition,” said said Amy.

“I think she feels like home too,” Sue added. “Everyone is going to be comfortable and that’s what she was looking for.”

Amy said today’s Trend Show will always hold a special place in her heart.

“I didn’t just work here, I grew up here. It’s a second home,” she said. “She’s been busting her butt here for as long as I can remember. So it’s not just me leaving my workplace, it’s also my childhood. I used to ride my little bike pink here. It’s very bittersweet for me and our family in general, but we know it’s time for them to change. They’re ready to retire and not have to deal with everything anymore I think they deserve some peace now so they can focus on themselves.

Amy said a retirement party for her mother is scheduled for 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 26 at the salon, located at 708 E. Center St. in Marion. She said friends and clients are invited to celebrate Sue’s career and wish her well in retirement.

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