malaika: yoga saved Malaika Arora

Actor reveals how yoga has helped her see life from a different perspective

It is World Mental Health Day this sunday and Malaika Arora who has seen so many ups and downs in his personal and professional life gives us every reason to sit down and introspect ourselves, especially in the midst of this corona crisis. Malaika took to her Instagram account to share an interactive post asking her fans and followers to share their stories about mental health wellness. The actress explained how yoga has helped her “survive” and see life from a different perspective.

“Tomorrow, October 10, it’s the world Mental Health Day. Here is a small confession. I thought I was bulletproof until I realized I wasn’t emotionally proof. My mind began to play games with me, the rules of which I did not know. I survived because of yoga, ”the 47-year-old star wrote in her note.

She also revealed the ‘breaking point’ she had to face in life and how she dealt with it: ‘My breaking point came one day while I was in my first yoga class and my tears come true. have not ceased. I have survived the storm in me. I will never be called bulletproof because none of us are. I will describe myself as stable and on the path to continually becoming healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. This is my SARVA story. Write to us with your story because “we are listening”.

Malaika is also on top of her game on social media. She has her exquisite mark of courage, wit, and humor, and her social media timeline says it all.

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