LightWorker UV debuts new disinfection technology at LA Yoga Expo

The Lightworker uses UV-C technology to inactivate and destroy 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and fungi on exercise and yoga mats, leaving your mat fresh and odor free. Replacing time-consuming and harmful sprays and chemicals, mats are sanitized with a powerful burst of UV-C light that simultaneously sanitizes both sides of a yoga mat in less than 30 seconds. Lightworker machines are manufactured at Sunburst Sanctuary in Lompoc, California.

“The Lightworker is a revolutionary way to sanitize your mat and will forever change the way our yoga community thinks about the health and cleanliness of how we practice,” says the CEO of LightWorker UV. Derek Spurlock, “There is no more need for harsh chemicals, sprays and wipes that can degrade the quality and life of your yoga mat. With pure light, you can regain confidence practicing in a safe environment. and knowing that you are protecting yourself and others from germs and odors.”

Lightworker UV was founded by an entrepreneur Derek Spurlock, using proven technology developed years ago by the founder of Matsana John Burnaby, with help and input from some of the greatest minds in the yoga industry, including Pierre Sterios (founder of Manduka) and Blake Beltram (one of the co-founders of MindBody). LightWorker UV has revamped this smart, easy-to-use technology to help yoga studios and fitness centers around the world bounce back by providing a safe, healthy, eco-friendly and germ-free way to practice and establish a new standard of cleanliness.

“In a world where we are constantly reminded of how quickly infections can spread, it is essential to do everything in your power to be part of the solution,” says Melissa Spurlock – Derek’s wife, an avid fellow yogi and registered nurse. “I have personally benefited from this technology for years, knowing that I am reducing the health risks for all students in my class, and I am thrilled to finally see it available to the general public.”

For more information on LightWorker UV, or to order The Lightworker for your yoga studio or fitness center, visit or call their Customer Success Team at 888-45-LIGHT (888-455-4888.)

About LightWorker UV
LightWorker UV is the first company to introduce a healthy and easy way to ensure exercise and yoga mats are free of bacteria, viruses, fungi and odors by using safe UVC light to sanitize your mat quickly and efficiently. The Lightworker machine provides peace of mind for yoga practitioners by providing a better, healthier, and greener way to remove harmful germs and unpleasant odors from every mat without using harsh chemicals, sprays, or wipes. Eager to help support yoga studios as they bounce back, The Lightworker not only improves studio health and safety standards, but also gives back to the yoga community by providing income to the studio, offering charitable donations and Spread the light to every star in our community.

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