Jaipur: Yoga instructor cuts off friend’s private parts | Jaipur News

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JAIPUR: A 35-year-old woman, a practicing yoga teacher, allegedly cut the genitals of her 28-year-old friend, who is also a yoga teacher.
The case came to light on Thursday evening when the man was released from the hospital and filed a complaint with Bhankrota Police Station in Jaipur.
Police say the woman and man have been in contact for a long time and both practiced yoga. “On November 16, the woman asked the man to bring vegetables and milk and invited him to dinner. When the man returned home, the woman asked if she could accompany him. After returning home, the man complained of nausea after dinner. When he got up at night he found his genitals cut off and the woman was missing, “a senior police official said.
“It appears that the victim was drugged during dinner,” the official added.
The woman, while talking to him on the phone, asked for forgiveness for everything that had happened and later the woman took the victim to the hospital. “He was in the SMS hospital. After he was discharged, he lodged a complaint. We registered a case of attempted murder and opened an investigation,” said an official from the Bhankrota police station.


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