Introducing YoGo! The habit-building yoga app with easy postures and routines


YoGo! is the latest yoga app for people of all ages to launch on Playstore. YoGo! has been specially designed to enable novices, beginners, working class people, elderly or students to instill the habit of practicing yoga routines every day. If you have 30 to 45 minutes to spare in the morning, then this app is the one to choose.

Yoga can become monotonous, boring, or just just another exercise. It is no wonder that people lose interest at the same time as they lose a healthy habit. YoGo! Brings the best of both worlds. He combines yoga asanas with stretching and warm-up exercises to create an engaging routine that will soon become a habit.

The global pandemic has underscored the need to be fit, not only physically but also mentally. YoGo! offers a complete and proven 30-minute fitness package that includes:

  • 30 easy and simple yoga and warm-up asanas, routines

  • Videos that stop to give the user enough time

  • Additional yoga poses in the library

  • YouTube function to add favorite videos

This 30-minute package was developed from years of personal experience. The postures, when performed correctly and with easy breathing and relaxation, reduce stress levels and give the body and mind the break they need.

Have the YoGo! app is like having a personal fitness and yoga trainer in the phone. The app was designed and developed by Amit Sharma, a freelance writer and entrepreneur who is also the founder of, the blockchain news portal in India.

“I found this combination of yoga asanas and stretches to be healthier and more engaging than simple exercises or yoga. Understanding how to combine yoga postures is always confusing. This app shows how to do it in a natural order, ”said Amit Sharma.

The yoga videos in the app were produced and shot by Aparna Dalakoti, a yoga practitioner from Uttarakhand, India, and Nkokep, a student from Cyprus. The opening animation for Suryasana was performed by Alice, a German animator, while the video processing was performed by Hanif Khan from Pakistan.

YoGo! is a powerful tool in the pocket to improve your health and general well-being.

Download from the Playstore:

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