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Inside Manchester’s all-gold beauty salon which has a party room with whirlpool tub

It’s the all-gold beauty salon that certainly draws attention to one of Manchester’s busiest thoroughfares.

The Glam Master Salon has become something of a landmark on Princess Road in Fallowfield thanks to its glittering gold exterior.

And for anyone who’s been there and wondered if it was this glam on the inside, then rest assured the luxury theme continues.

There are glitzy golden walls and floors, an all-floral wall, and in the basement it even has a party room with a hot tub.

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The ladies-only salon has been owned by Shania Raheel for ten years and started as the Beauty Club.

Shania Raheel owns the Glam Master Salon

But three years ago, she decided to take the plunge and rebrand herself as Glam Master Salon, and they’ve been turning heads here ever since.

Shania says, “It made such a difference. It got a lot of attention from the start.

“Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a lot of haters but I think it’s just jealousy, because some people don’t like it when you start to do something right.

“We went for the all gold look because we just wanted to make people happy, and I think it really is.

“We have so many people coming in here saying ‘oh, I saw you when I walked past and had to come in’ and that’s what it is.”

Shania at the All Gold Lounge

Mum of three, Shania, 35, started doing beauty treatments in one room of her house on Princess Road 15 years ago, after completely changing careers from her previous job at a bank.

Her reputation and clientele grew so fast that she knew she needed a dedicated space and took over the old barber shop on Princess Road, opposite Whalley Range High School, ten years ago.

Since then, she has completely transformed the company.

The latest investment was the spa area in the basement – which Shania says makes her the only beauty salon in Manchester to have a hot tub.

Glam Master Salon Basement Hot Tub Party Room

It accommodates a minimum of two to six women for the party zone – which includes free soft or non-alcoholic drinks and cakes plus a beauty treatment of your choice for £ 50 per person.

Shania laughs, “People are so surprised when I tell them what’s in the basement.

“We decided to expand into the basement as it hadn’t been touched here for 50 years and everything was completed and opened the same day the lockdown took place, so everything had to stop again.

“But since the lockdown eased, it’s been so busy with bachelorette parties and birthdays.

Bachelorette parties were popular in the hot tub

“There isn’t a single salon in Manchester that has a hot tub, so I just figured it was something a little different for the women here to do.

“It’s totally private for you when you take the hot tub package.”

The salon offers a full range of hair and beauty treatments, from eyelash extensions to massages, facials, laser hair removal and traditional hair thinning, makeup and nail manicure.

Shania by the wall of flowers in the living room

And Shania is proud of what she has achieved so far with her business.

She says, “I worked so hard in a tiny room in my house where I started, I’m now a mom of three and juggling it all, but the whole community here in Fallowfield and Withington me. really supported. “

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