In 2022, the Face Yoga method offers a way to earn more income from home.

As people embrace more natural alternatives for their beauty and wellness needs, the demand for Face Yoga teachers is high.

With the global shift to online businesses, the beauty and wellness industry is experiencing a revolution. In 2021, the wellness market was estimated to be close to $1.5 trillion – and it’s only expected to grow from there.

More than ever, consumer interest in well-being is intensifying. A growing number of people are prioritizing their well-being, especially over the past two to three years. Improving health, nutrition, and mindfulness are high on everyone’s to-do list.

Consumers are also increasing the amount they spend to look better. There is a greater shift towards services that address physical appearance, particularly with non-invasive cosmetic procedures. People are actively looking for all-natural personal offerings that enhance overall beauty, such as facial yoga.

Facial yoga is a popular choice for changing the appearance of the face without resorting to surgical procedures. Research has shown that face yoga strengthens the muscles of the cheeks and face, leading to changes and improvements that make people look younger and more attractive.

As people embrace more natural alternatives for their beauty and wellness needs, the demand for Face Yoga teachers is high. And for anyone looking to get their start in this space, the Facial Yoga Teacher Certification Course ranks as the number one course for facial yoga in the industry. It’s only offered once a year, with a waiting list of thousands and hundreds of applicants.

Nadine Campbell, a German dance teacher, completed the Facial Yoga Teacher Certification course in 2021. A few days after announcing her new qualifications and starting her personal success with facial yoga in her network, Nadine had more of 140 customers interested in seeking its services.

The Facial Yoga Teacher Certification Course teaches facial exercise techniques so that students can become successful and effective facial yoga teachers themselves. For six months, trainees receive 100 hours of comprehensive Face Yoga instruction, with personal support from a certified program trainer.

Technical content is developed and updated annually by facial yoga expert Fumiko Takatsu, an industry veteran and considered the pioneer of the practice. “For me, it’s about empowerment, beauty and health. I’m looking for women who are ready to experience what it’s like to truly love yourself and your age! Together, we take back control our appearance and our perception of our age and appearance.

Entrepreneurs in the wellness and beauty industry are reaping the rewards of this extra qualification. They find that adding facial yoga as a unique offering complements their existing business, especially for masseuses, fitness instructors, and yoga coaches. The facial yoga offering amplifies their reach as they can provide clients with a holistic approach to mind, body and face. Facial yoga is an alternative to topical creams and expensive procedures, and it’s bringing a new wave of interested customers to their doors. With certification from the Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification Course, these studios, trainers, and healers say they can differentiate themselves from the crowd.

The Face Yoga Method Teacher Certification course is an online course, which means that students can take it from anywhere in the world and from home. Many people are looking for a completely online business model, not only as teachers, but also as customers.

Many wheelchair, bedridden, or severely paralyzed patients need the option of remote physical therapy. For online instructors, adding facial yoga to their service adds a new, more efficient dimension to their treatment options for patients. Healers can successfully apply this method to various facial problems including Bell’s palsy, Down syndrome, strokes and disability.

Marka Rogers says Face Yoga is “life changing” for people with limited or no mobility. Marka teaches ballet and wheelchair yoga, and after graduating with the TCC class of 2021, she now offers Face Yoga for the disabled, as well as a Face Yoga for beginners class.

But this course isn’t just for existing businesses – there are also a wealth of opportunities for new businesses. Roxy was a stay-at-home mom of two for over ten years before taking the course. Now certified, she works full time from home as a Face Yoga coach.

Everyone who completes the course is given all the tools necessary to thrive with this new business venture, and over 250 new graduates are entering the market in 2021.

The waiting list for 2022 is now open.

For beauty and entertainment entrepreneurs, people looking to create an alternative source of income, or for those starting from scratch in the health and wellness industry, a yoga method teacher certification course facial could be an exciting next step on their journey.

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