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I Tried Hair Loss Treatments Yeah – Here Are My Thoughts

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About 50% of women will experience hair loss throughout their lives, and in recent years I have become one of them. Since the start of the pandemic, I have noticed a drastic change in the thickness of my locks. When an appointment with my OBGYN confirmed it was stress related, I started looking for a treatment that would help me. I tried a few leave-in products and even followed a TikTok recipe using raw eggs, but nothing helped. Then I tried the new one from OUAI Thick and Complete Supplements ($42) and Hydrating Scalp Serum ($52).

This dual-action routine fights hair loss from the inside and out. Launched earlier this month, OUAI has used its years of haircare expertise to create a simple 2-step regimen that stimulates hair growth and keeps hair follicles in place, with results in just about 60 days. . The products work best when used together: the supplements promote stronger hair from within, while the serum nourishes the scalp to provide an optimal environment for that hair to grow.

Let’s get into supplements first. The main component of the capsules is biotin (or vitamin B), which is valued for its ability to metabolize nutrition in the body, allowing you to get all the nutrients you need from food. According to Kerry Yates, a trichologist Color Collective, ingesting biotin (via a supplement or powder) is a more effective way to get results from the vitamin. “There is a misconception that topical treatments containing biotin will reverse hair loss, but honestly, the benefits of biotin are realized when ingested versus topically applied,” she says. The capsules are also packed with pea sprout extract, which is prized for its ability to repair breakage, so get ready to say goodbye to those split ends.

Then you have the scalp serum. The formula was designed to hydrate your scalp and strengthen its skin barrier, giving your hair ample opportunity to grow. It’s packed with herbal ingredients like Arctic Root, Siberian Ginseng, and Chaga Mushrooms, which nourish the base of hair follicles and help hair retain moisture. With added moisture from plant-based ingredients, hair is more likely to absorb all the moisturizing benefits from the formula’s other star ingredient, hyaluronic acid. This skin and hair care superstar is loved for its ability to promote nutrition and strengthen the surface of the skin. The result? Less irritation and shedding.

I tried this combination hoping it would stop me from losing my hair. After using the two-step routine for about a month, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the hair loss has diminished. When I shower, I don’t have to unclog the drain, and my pillowcase isn’t covered in hair when I wake up in the morning.

Overall, sticking to the 2-step routine has made me feel like I’ve got my hair back – no need for raw eggs.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.