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Hunter Beauty Salon Welcomes Clarity Around NSW’s Post-COVID ‘Roadmap To Freedom’ | Newcastle Herald

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INDULGENCES Beauty Therapy Director Michelle Grove said that among all the treatments clients look forward to after lockdown, eyebrows are at the top of the list. “A lot of people want their grays covered on their eyebrows – as they also do on their head – it’s definitely eyebrows, hair removal, skin treatments, it’s really a wide range of things, each no one has their different priority, ”Ms. Grove mentioned. “It can be huge [the difference] and so uplifting, it certainly helps people to feel human again and gives them some self-confidence. vaccination rate and from when fully vaccinated people can enjoy more freedoms. This includes personal services, including beauticians opening with one person per four square meters, capped at five clients per establishment. “She said. It’s incredible. “It really helps us to be able to plan.” This is our biggest problem, we are inundated with messages and calls from clients trying to book, but you can’t handle duplicate appointments, you You need to know for sure that when you “book someone, it’s their meeting time.” Ms Grove said her salon would open slightly understaffed as some of her 10 employees didn’t get their second dose until mid-October. 80% of double vaccination and personal services would no longer be subject to client caps. Ms Grove said it wouldn’t have much of an impact in her salon, which has five treatment rooms, but would help manage the “crossover” as clients arrive. for and left their dates. Ms Grove said her living room rotated during the lockdown and operated an online store and rented her portable LED machine. elf care. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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