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How to run a beauty salon – 6 tips and tricks to make a difference – Flux Magazine

words Alexa Wang

Although not considered essential and affected by the coronavirus pandemic, beauty salons have always been a thriving industry – even since ancient times. The industry is back and stronger than ever.

Loyalty is key at this stage – imagine living with the wrong hairstyle for months. Mess up a few times, and people will remember you and never come back. Customers are quite picky when it comes to beauty salons – in short, here are some tips and tricks to ensure a successful business.

Going cheap will get you nowhere

Going cheap might work for a few teenagers or maybe a few older people, but other than that, it won’t get you anywhere. If you do a lot of hairstyling, go for quality paint and proper markings – the kinds of markings anyone can recognize.

If you hire a few people for haircuts, make sure they are well trained and experienced. Also invest in quality tools and machinery. Quality is essential. If you find it too expensive, you better go for beauty salon loans than cheap stuff.

It’s a good investment, and again, choosing cheap will give you a bad name, even if your prices are also quite low. In the long run, your business will suffer. Keep in mind that you don’t comb your hair or get a haircut every day, so most people would rather spend a little more on quality.

A mix of formal and informal communication

Communication is key in dealing with customers. Lack of communication is likely to lead to many errors, as well as confusion. The bad news is that such a mistake will keep the customer unhappy for months.

Transparency is equally important. Make sure your staff understands all updates, ask for feedback, and do the same for your customers. You should keep communication formal, but do it in a fun way, so everyone is relaxed and open to your updates.

Instant daily communication is just as important. Such techniques will prevent misunderstandings, add energy to your team, and create a top-notch work culture. Make everything engaging and make sure your staff follows the same principles.

Tips for beauty salons

Simplify everything with appropriate software

A beauty salon is a business like any other. In the age of technology, writing everything down in a notebook is no longer the most efficient way to manage things. Of course it helps and you can also use the notebook to make appointments.

However, the software is great for everything – from managing appointments to messaging clients a day before the appointment with reminders. The software will also help you keep an inventory of tools, as well as materials.

You can see the sales. You can see where you are lacking and what your best serves are. Check sales, peak times, and more. This way, you will be able to know when your salon needs more on-site staff and when it needs fewer people.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there, and many of them work for all kinds of businesses.

Employee recognition works wonders

If you’ve worked in beauty salons, you’ve probably noticed people come and go – there’s always better work out there. The bad news is that good employees also tend to leave with clients – after all, clients are loyal to certain professionals.

If you hate low turnover, employee recognition will keep your staff happy and increase productivity. Simple employee incentives and perks will improve satisfaction – even if you pay well, the truth is, financial rewards just aren’t enough.

Also, the more people leave the company, the lower the morale will be. Someone goes, and everyone else will be disappointed. Ultimately, employee recognition will increase productivity, make management easier, drive engagement and loyalty, and improve customer satisfaction.

Keep an eye on the numbers

Whether you use software or study everything on a sheet of paper, a beauty salon is different from other types of businesses. This is the type of business that demands visual perfection. It’s the type of business that needs a more artistic approach, and it’s all about customer satisfaction.

For example, there are a lot of payroll errors in small businesses, so most managers fail to track employee hours properly. Breaks also deserve special attention, not to mention sick leave. Overtime should only be granted when really necessary. Otherwise, it becomes a waste of money.

Marketing goes a long way

Any form of marketing will do. If your client is satisfied, don’t hesitate to ask them to rate your salon, whether on Google, Facebook or any other platform. A simple review and stars will do wonders in the long run. Put yourself in the shoes of a new client.

Would you go to a salon with 12 reviews and 3.9 stars out of five? How about a beauty salon with 149 reviews and 4.6 out of five stars? You get the point. Most people want to leave reviews only when they are unhappy. They rarely do this when they are happy, so you need to encourage this behavior.

Other than that, try to maintain a good social media presence. Engage with customers, upload helpful content, and maybe even create a beauty blog with maintenance tips and tricks. Your following will skyrocket overnight.


Ultimately, running a beauty salon is a challenge, just like any other business. The good news is that there are things you can do to ensure the transaction runs smoothly and customers are satisfied.

You’re less likely to change anything overnight, but good practices will bring great results that will ensure business consistency.