Here’s how the IMAGE team fared

Yoga guru Gill Costello fearlessly led our team on a windy hike in Wicklow. Our adventure included a fresh vegetarian lunch and an outdoor yoga session – it was just what we needed.

We all meet in the smallest car park in the world, on top of a hill overlooking Lough Bray. Decked out in gym gear with her hair tied back, Gill Costello looks like our leading yogi. She calls us to her boot and distributes salads in large containers (no single-use plastic here!).

Her broad smile and laid-back nature reassure us that this will be an easy-paced getaway. And, with our yoga mats and metal pitchforks stowed, we set off, slowly descending the path that winds around the hill and towards the South Lake.

Along the way, I get to know a little more about Gill, who is full of interesting stories, from his bizarre experience at Burning Man and his yoga training in northern India to his latest online launch of retreats and events – Yoga+. (She might be the coolest person I know.)

But our conversation is cut short when we turn a corner and a breathtaking view of the lake appears. We kind of made our way to his level, despite being so high just 30 minutes earlier. It shines in the small ray of sunshine that has imposed itself through the clouds. A bowl of neglected greenery surrounds it and we are suddenly aware of the calm that reigns.

Namaste in nature

From this moment, we find our rhythm by walking, returning to ourselves, thoughtful and observant. We enjoy the view as we continue our walk upwards until we reach a large wet area facing the west side of the lake. It is here, says Gill, that we will begin our yoga session.

Pulling out our yoga mats and kicking off our muddy shoes, we find our center on the mat. Gill leads a soothing class with a steady voice and spa-like music. At first, I consciously tug on my sweater but in the end, I’m lying on my back and looking up at the sky, my thoughts calm (which is rare for me!). Gill even goes around giving us each a quick head massage.

Then we find some rocks to laze around and greedily eat our lunch, a hit-and-miss mix of fruits, vegetables, cheese and quinoa. We start chatting again and agree that today really beats any day in the stuffy office. Then we head back up the hill and say our final goodbyes to that little slice of self-care we so desperately needed.


Retreats and upcoming events

The IMAGE team took advantage of the Yoga + Yoga, hike and picnic option, but Gill also has many exciting remote retreats in the works. Here’s what’s to come:

  • Yoga, hiking and picnicking As the name suggests, this day retreat includes a scenic yoga class, approximately two hours of walking, and a colorful picnic.
  • Luxury retreat in Fuerteventura, November 19 – November 26 This yoga retreat in Fuerteventura includes food and meals for seven nights, daily meditation, two yoga classes a day, volcano hike, day trip to one of Fuerteventura’s hidden gems and transport everywhere.


  • Kenmare Rest and Restoration Weekend Retreat, January 13 – January 16 This weekend getaway includes food and board for three nights, daily meditation, two daily yoga classes, Yin and Vinyasa classes, a private outdoor seaweed bath, a mindful art class, and Moreover.
  • Sunshine Remote Work Retreat, Fuerteventura, January 21 – February 4 The perfect way to start the new year, this trip includes food and board for two weeks, morning meditation and yoga flow, shared office in a coworking space five days a week, Sunday BBQs by the the swimming pool and more.

In addition to yoga sessions and retreats, Gill has launched a gorgeous jewelry line called Yogi Stories. Each necklace is gold plated and engraved with a symbol that tells a unique and meaningful story.

Register here to participate in a relaxing retreat abroad or an event closer to home. Believe me, with Gill front and center, you won’t be disappointed.

Yoga, PLUS all the fun stuff! Join a retreat in Ireland or abroad. Choose the retreat that suits you best; adventure, luxury, relaxation or even a remote work retreat, where you can take a vacation without taking vacation days.