Beauty salon

Former beauty salon converted into vacation rental in Whitby

Plans to convert the beauty salon were approved by Scarborough Council on July 1 and will see the two-storey terraced house converted into a holiday rental.

Located at 6 Hunter Street, Whitby, the property conversion application has been submitted by Parminder Chan (PTP Luxury Stays Ltd).

The conversion was approved by council despite objections from Whitby Town Council, Scarborough Council’s Environmental Health Officer, as well as three members of the public.

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The former beauty salon in Whitby, now to be converted. (Picture: Google Maps)

The environmental team objected on the grounds that “the escape route from upper floors is through a high-risk open-plan living room/kitchen” and because one of the bedrooms “falls below the minimum acceptable standard for a single room” at 5.8 square meters.

Meanwhile, Whitby City Council is raising objections citing the environmental team’s findings as well as concerns about a possible impact on the amenity of neighbours.

Objections from three members of the public raised a variety of concerns, challenging the start of work before approval, the overdevelopment of the property, the “pressure” on homeownership in the area, as well as several points regarding the style and the size of windows and windows. frames.

In response to objections, Scarborough Council said the proposal for the property, which is located within Whitby’s main conservation and business areas, did not breach perceived breaches of conservation areas policy.

The council’s report states that as the development is ‘entirely to the rear of the site and is set up facing a private gated courtyard, the proposal would not be highly visible from public viewpoints and would not would therefore have no negative impact on the surrounding area”.

The report also states that while the building offers enough amenities for a vacation rental, “the general cramped layout makes it unsuitable for occupancy as unrestricted accommodation.”

Furthermore, in the opinion of council officers, the use of the building as a holiday rental was “unlikely to cause unacceptable noise and disturbance to users of neighboring properties” compared to its use as a beauty salon. .

While the council acknowledged that the increase in holiday lettings had a local impact on home ownership, it said ‘this particular development does not result in the loss of residential accommodation from the local housing stock’ .

A member of the public also raised concerns about ‘trespassing on private land while carrying out work’, but the council’s report says it is a ‘civil matter’ and in as such “not a significant consideration” for council officers.

The authorization was granted by the council subject to conditions of town planning and use of the property.