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Ditch this routine! Skincare, items to pamper mom (and yourself) with

MANILA, Philippines — Other than flowers and food, nothing says “moms deserve the best” more than a relaxing, stress-free day all to herself that includes lots of pampering, grooming and skincare . Even after Mother’s Day, the best way to treat the number one superwoman in your life is with the special royal treatment – that could mean a luxurious facial and new skin-loving products that will make her feel beautiful, at inside as well as outside.

So why not say it with skincare? For moms looking to stay young, spend time with themselves, relax and unwind, here are some ideas to surprise mom with (and yourself), any day of the year!

Belo Botanicals Facial

A popular household brand for high-end skincare and celebrity-loved treatments, Belo also offers a range of facials and treatments that are just as relaxing and effective but won’t have to break the bank, just like the Crowd-favorite Botanicals facial – it’s simple, straightforward and gets the job done.

Perfect for all skin types, the Belo Botanicals Facial is a must-have facial for skincare newbies – it simply focuses on gentle exfoliation to remove impurities from the skin, which helps smooth your skin. It starts with a facial cleansing, all-natural exfoliation, steaming, and light prick of blackheads and pimples. The plus for the relaxing lavender essential oil that your specialist lets you inhale before the 45-minute session!

BOTANICAL FACE TREATMENT. Photo courtesy of Belo

The treatment is gentle on the skin and leaves you with a fresh, clean and pimple-free face. You can have the Botanicals Facial every two to four weeks to “boost skin vitality,” the medical aesthetic clinic said.

ZO Brightalive Skin Lightener

A trusted beauty product is always a good addition to take home after a refreshing facial, and Dr. Vickie Belo of Belo Medical Group swears by the celebrity favorite ZO Brightalive Skin Lightener, a powerful retinol-free skin brightener that also acts as a powerful hydrating serum. If your skin concerns range from uneven skin tone to dark sun spots, this lightweight, easy-to-apply serum can help even out your skin tone, brighten those blemishes, and reduce pigmentation.

ZO CARE SET. Photo courtesy of Belo

Other premium ingredients include papain for exfoliation, glycerin to restore moisture, natural extracts and seed oils that soothe dry, irritated skin. A small spoonful a day is enough – spread it on a clean, dry face as part of your day or night skin care routine. It’s not heavy or sticky on the skin, so that’s a plus!

Facial Center Fire & Ice Facial

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to try, The Facial Care Center (FCC) has a new Fire and Ice Facial perfect for summer – it combines thermal and cryogenic therapies in a relaxing and invigorating facial treatment. It promotes skin health and rejuvenation by smoothing skin, refining pores and blessing you with a fresh, dewy glow.

The treatment first uses electroporation, which uses mild electrical pulses to “open” your pores so skincare products can better penetrate your skin. Next comes the FIRE part – and fear not! Even though the heat can reach up to 40 degrees, it doesn’t hurt or sting that much – the heat can actually be very relaxing and is applied gently in dabs. There may be tingling from time to time if you have sensitive skin.

FIRE ICE. Photo courtesy of Facial Center

Once the heat opens up your pores a little more, a cool layer of centella asiatica gel – a popular skincare ingredient – ​​is massaged into your skin. Antioxidant-rich Centella Asiatica is rehydrating and anti-inflammatory; it helps to repair red, dry and irritated skin and to increase collagen production. Heat and freezing help increase circulation, giving your skin a boost of elasticity.

Next comes ICE! On a hot day, it feels like heaven – this portion feels like an ice cube gently massaged all over your face at sub-zero levels of eight degrees. The cold temperature helps tighten pores and smooth the skin at the same time. Next, an ultrasonic skin scrubber is used to deeply cleanse your skin of any dirt, oil, impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells.

Finally, iontophoresis is performed, which uses positive and negative electrical currents (non-painful) to ionize hyaluronic acid for additional rehydration of the skin, creating a supple, plumping effect that releases that well-rested, healthy, post-sleep. beauty. glow. At the end of the treatment, you will feel like a new woman, without dry and dull skin. The Fire and Ice facial, recommended for brides-to-be or before any special occasion, leaves you feeling dewy, radiant and well-hydrated that lasts even a day after your treatment.

Repechage 4-Layer Facial Care Center

The facial treatment center also offers the exclusive FCC, famous in New York 4-Layer Repechage Facial that will make mom feel like a truly pampered queen! It contains Laminaria Digitata seaweed filtrate, rich in 12 vitamins and 18 amino acids.

DRAFT. Photo courtesy of Facial Center

It’s a nourishing, anti-aging 90-minute facial that refreshes and rebalances your skin with four nourishing layers: C-Serum (Vitami C and Carrageenan); Moisturizing cream (seaweed, lactic acid, AHA complex); seaweed mask; and mineral mask. If you want to bring more life to dehydrated, stressed and dull skin, the 4-layer facial will help solve revitalizing problems by deeply cleansing and intensely rehydrating your skin.

Kiehl’s new limited edition line

We’re also suckers for super cute packaging, and luckily, apothecary skincare brand Kiehl’s just launched their latest limited-edition Philippine-themed packaging for their cult favorites.

FACE CREAM. Photo courtesy of Kiehl’s Philippines

The adorable, colorful hand-drawn illustrations of Filipino symbols and icons are featured in Kiehl’s bestsellers that any mother would enjoy – there’s the Ultra-Facial Cream, a lightweight moisturizer that is suitable for day or night use. Its 24-hour hydration helps keep your skin soft, smooth and supple; Kiehl’s uses olive-derived squalene and glacial glycoprotein for maximum hydration to protect your skin from drying out.

CALENDULA TONIC. Photo courtesy of Kiehl’s Philippines

the Calendula Tonic is also a trusted, preferred, alcohol-free toner that is gently formulated with calendula that helps reduce redness, oiliness, and rough skin texture. It is suitable for normal to oily skin that needs soothing and balancing.

RETINOL SERUM. Photo courtesy of Kiehl’s Philippines

Finally is the Kiehl’s Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Retinol Serum from the Dermatologist Solutions range, which uses the powerful ingredient retinol, which is typically used for anti-aging skincare, as it helps with firmness and the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great item to add to your youthful complexion skincare arsenal; it also refines skin texture and helps keep your complexion smooth.

Garnier, Snailwhite: pharmacy items that get your money’s worth

The advantage of drugstore skincare items is that they are accessible, affordable, and can also be effective for certain skin types. If your mum is a fan of Garnier’s line of lightening products, the new Vitamin C Ampoule Serum is a great addition to her skincare routine for a week, especially if she’s battling dark spots, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and dull, damaged skin.

AMPULE. Photo courtesy of Garnier

Ampoule serums are more potent than regular serums, but can complement them. The ampoules are usually only used for a certain length of time (six to seven days) to achieve the desired results. in this case, Garnier’s clinically proven vitamin C ampule helps fade dark circles, spots, and discoloration with its potent 3% vitamin C and niacinamide combo. This last ingredient is known for its lightening properties and strengthening the skin barrier.

Drugstore brand Snailwhite also has its own “instant” potion called Beauty shine drops, a lightweight face oil that can act as a powerful serum or moisturizer, without making you feel greasy.

BEAUTY RADIANCE DROPS. Photo courtesy of Snailwhite

It is made with a blend of snail mucin, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C, so it can also treat any dullness or dark pots. Its potent blend of Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Chia Seed Oil also helps give you that illuminated, dewy skin glow quickly – just apply three drops to clean, post-skin skin. tonic and massage gently.

CC CREAM. Photo courtesy of Snailwhite

Of course, sunscreen is the golden rule of skincare, and Snailwhite CC Sunscreen SPF50+ is a good product to start with. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and easily absorbable, and also works as a tinted moisturizer. –