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Derby beauty salon accused of defrauding customers

A beauty company with a salon in Derby town center has been accused of taking customers’ money without providing treatments, an allegation the company denies. The Derby SkinHQ salon, which offers customers laser hair removal and skin treatments, has been badly vandalized and is currently closed.

The company has recently been inundated with negative reviews, with a number of people alleging that a number of its 17 UK branches, including Derby, Stratford and Leeds, took customers’ money but failed to deliver the service paid for. . However, SkinHQ managing director Haroon Danis said the Derby branch is temporarily closed and customers can request a refund by contacting the company directly.

Derbyshire Live was originally contacted by a Derby reader who claims to have spent £600 on a laser hair removal course but said when she showed up for her third session the salon was closed. The reader who contacted us said, “I subsequently reported the company to Trading Standards, but the website is still online and more people may fall victim to it.”

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Online reviews of the company over the past few weeks report similar experiences, although SkinHQ has an excellent 74% Trustpilot rating. An anonymous review on Trustpilot claimed: “I paid for 12 full body and face laser treatment sessions, had two sessions in Nottingham before the clinic closed and was transferred to Derby. My appointment got canceled that morning and i have since been trying to get in touch with someone to reorganize i just want my money back.

Derby-based client Maryam wrote: ‘I booked a consultation with them at the Derby clinic and turned around only to find the clinic closed. Tried to call and no one picked up whatsapp messages not going through.I then messaged on instagram and they apologized and said one of the staff had car trouble and the other called in sick. They booked me another appointment and gave me a free facial.

“I then showed up for my second appointment only to find the store closed again and the glass broken! Again no response on their phone numbers. There was another lady there who was also there for her appointment, she had driven from Nottingham because they had told her that the clinic in Nottingham was closed.

“The poor lady had paid for all her treatments in advance and she still had six or seven sessions left. Luckily I had only booked my consultation and hadn’t paid for it yet, but BEWARE!!”

Another anonymous reviewer wrote: “If there was a 0 star or negative star option, I would give this company this. I paid in full for 12 full body laser hair removal treatments. I had the first 3 sessions on time, then they started canceling appointments – first saying one of them has Covid and the next not even an email to inform that the appointment is canceled or that the clinic has been closed.

“It happened 5 times in the last 7 months. And when I emailed the manager for a refund, he said I must have a medical reason to request a refund.”

MB wrote on Trustpilot: “I have the same problem as everyone here. Bought a 12 session laser pack in December, canceled appointments twice and asked to contact refunds or complaints after last cancellation. No response to emails/calls/voicemails.”

This problem is not exclusive to clinics in the East Midlands. A lady who was booked into the Leeds clinic claimed she had paid £360 in advance for a hydro-facial course, had to go to her fourth appointment before she received a call saying that the staff no longer worked there.

Another client left a review of the Manchester clinic who claimed that by the time she showed up for her appointment the building was locked and had ‘a notice from the owner that the locks had been changed’ . However, a comment left by SkinHQ’s Instagram admin on a post on his social media reads: “We expect our clinic in Manchester to be open again from 9th April.”

SkinHQ’s Instagram is flooded with negative comments asking for refunds. Majority of feedback is similar i.e. customer is redirected to SkinHQ for help but no response is received.

CEO and Founder of SkinHQ, Haroon Danis, said: “The Derby Clinic was recently vandalized and closed while we try to repair the damage. There has been a targeted chain of robberies at clinics that police are investigating.

“We have tried to contact clients who have been affected by this and offered to take the services to the nearest open clinic and, if not possible, issue a refund. Due to the high number calls, we were unable to speak to every customer and there was a delay in communication. We are working hard to ensure that every customer is contacted.

“We would recommend any customer wishing to obtain a refund to contact by email at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We understand that this is of undue concern to customers who have booked for treatment, but we would like to reassure our customers that we are doing our best to remedy this situation at this difficult time.”

Derbyshire Live has also asked Mr Danis about complaints about other clinics, but he has yet to respond.