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Creations hair and beauty salon in Sidbury, Worcester, marking 40 years

If you want to survive in business for a long time, it pays to be creative.

Handy then, that one of Worcester’s oldest hair salons is called Creations.

Run by Kevin Clee, the Sidbury hair and beauty salon has been around for four decades – no small feat considering the turmoil of recent years.

Kevin said: “It’s always been a great place to work and it’s like a big extended family. We have four generations of some families!

Not only is Kevin extremely proud to have completed 40 years in the business, but he can also look back on meeting Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall during their visit to the Commandery, as well as a charity parachute jump.

And he rejoices in the fact that many girls who learned their craft at Creations have gone on to successfully run their own businesses.

The team

Of course, when you’ve been working in a salon for this long, you’re bound to get a few weird requests or hear a weird comment.

As with all good shows, discretion is key: “Most stories can’t be published,” says Kevin. “But we heard two grandmothers discussing a family marriage.

“One of them said she was wearing a hat and asked her friend if she was. Her friend replied ‘My stepdaughter wants me to wear a fornicator’.

“The living room was in stitches!”

Busy Saturday

Busy Saturday

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