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Clifford Clinic Expands Aesthetic Services to Include Unique Acne Treatments

By Clifford Clinic

Friday 01 July 2022 10:00 MYT

SINGAPORE – Media outreach – July 1, 2022 – The Clifford Clinic adds several unique treatments to its existing service repertoire to expand the range and variety of aesthetic treatments available to patients. GOLD Photothermal Therapy (PTT) and Acne Treatment AGNES using the latest technologies to acne treatment in singaporeas well as a unique protocol for the non-surgical removal of bags under the eyes using radio frequency (RF) energy, are examples of treatments available.
Using gold nanoshells and a dermatological laser, GOLD PTT alters the shape and activity level of sebaceous glands to treat acne. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition caused by the clogging of pores by excess oil or dead skin cells and can be aggravated by the presence of bacteria, treatments that target the root cause of a breakout are therefore considered permanent solutions for chronic acne.
The Clifford Clinic uses a specialized device available exclusively at the clinic to perform GOLD PTT – the Bellasonic machine. The Bellasonic machine uses a 4 kHz wave to deliver gold nanoparticles into the sebaceous glands, a diode and a long-pulse laser are then used to heat the gold nanoparticles to cause controlled photothermal damage (thermal energy converted from the lumen) to the glands, stopping excess oil production and reducing the bacterial load in the pores. GOLD PTT is very effective in treating cases that do not respond well to topical or oral medical treatments, or for cases where topical or oral medications may not be suitable, such as patients with pregnancy acne.
AGNES is another unique treatment offered by the Clifford Clinic that directly targets the sebaceous glands and is suitable for patients sensitive to topical/oral medications. AGNES uses an insulated micro-needle to send RF energy directly into the pores, AGNES reduces the recurrence of future acne breakouts by destroying the sebaceous glands.
AGNES is a versatile machine that can be applied to treat other medical conditions beyond acne. Bags under the eyes are a common condition that can be treated by non-surgical or surgical means. The Clifford Clinic offers an effective non-surgical solution for patients who are averse to going under the knife or whose condition is not serious enough to warrant surgery.
Unique to the Clifford Clinic, the clinic’s non-surgical under-eye bag removal protocol combines AGNES and Secret RF (Radio Frequency) to achieve better efficacy and desired results. The use of AGNES fixed-depth microneedles and Secret RF uninsulated microcannulas (thin needles) to deliver RF energy into the orbital fat pads of the eye enables precise and intense fat ablation at all levels of the tissue eye sac. For patients who do not respond to non-surgical eye bag removal treatment or suffer from more severe under eye bags, the surgical eye bag removal procedure offered by The Clifford Surgery may be an option to consider. , as under-eye bag removal surgery may be more suited to meet their needs.
A trusted and professional aesthetic clinic specializing in acne treatments, acne scar treatmentsand hair transplant in singapore, Clinique Clifford has evolved into a one-stop clinic for a wide range of effective and personalized aesthetic treatments. With over 40 years of combined experience in dermatology as well as reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery, the Clifford Clinic uses state-of-the-art equipment paired with quality skincare products to help individuals achieve the results they expect. ‘they wish. Coupled with non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments, the Clifford Clinic is a one-stop center for all hair, body and dermatological needs.
The Clifford Clinic aims to provide natural-looking results with little downtime, but without compromising on quality. As an aesthetic clinic that firmly believes in providing attentive patient care, The Clifford Clinic aspires to provide a pleasant experience that meets the expectations and needs of all its patients.
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