Steam room

Charles Barkley’s steam room affair or Kenny Smith’s excruciating Kobe Bryant impression, which Inside moment killed you the most?

NBA Redditor, who is obviously a fan of Inside the NBA, asks a key question, highlighting Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith in the process

Has Inside the NBA ever received the award for the best NBA show of all time?

Nope? Why are we wasting time, people?!

Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson come together to form the perfect TV combination. And while yes, there isn’t a lot of actual analysis done on the show most of the time. But, entertainment is entertainment. And boy, the Inside Guys are good at it.

Along these lines, a certain Reddit user posed a whole question to the NBA community. And we must say that it is quite difficult.

Let’s go, okay?

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NBA Redditor asks key question about fan picks from different times Inside the NBA

Nothing complicated happens here. So instead of beating around the bush, let’s go ahead and talk about the message we’re talking about here.

Take a look at the quote below to find out what Reddit user darkest_timeline had to say.

What made you laugh the most inside the NBA?

For me, it must be between The history of the Hammam at Chuck’s bracelet Where Kenny replicates Kobe’s Aston Martin ad. This show has probably made NBA fans for life right next to its entertainment.

In case you don’t sound like the liquid gold that these two highlighted moments are, we’ve given them to you below.

This is the infamous Charles Barkley bracelet incident.

And here’s Kenny Smith’s hilarious impression of the Kobe Bryant ad.

As we said, liquid gold.

But, while those are nice, personally, this one below is my all-time favorite moment inside the NBA. And there’s nothing else that even comes close.

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