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Beauty salon and beautician fined for injuring woman

DOHA: A bride had a nightmarish experience with a beauty salon she visited the day before her wedding because it left her with burns on her body with cream during a treatment.

The woman had boils on her hands and legs in an instant and instead of going home for the wedding, she angrily rushed for emergency medical attention.
Later, she filed a police complaint against the salon and the public prosecutor filed a complaint against him and one of his beauticians and took them to court.
The tribunal, a criminal court, imposed a fine of QR5,000 ($1,373) on the beauty salon and beautician who treated the woman for deliberately causing her harm.
The beautician, however, told the court in her defense that when the woman called her for an appointment, she told her not to use hair removal cream on her body on her own.
“But she had actually used a cream at home despite our advice,” explained the beautician. She said that before using the cream on her body in the salon, she tested it for allergies and then asked the woman if she could apply it all over her body as there was nothing wrong and she replied in the affirmative.
The beautician said that as soon as she was done with the woman and left the room, she started crying.
“I wiped her body again,” the beauticians said. The court, however, fined him and his employers QR 5,000 each for causing harm to the client.
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