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marvel’s “She-Hulk” offers an alternative look at the life of our favorite green superhero.

by Lizbet Rodriguez

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Jennifer Walters is She-Hulk, an advocate specifically for superhumans.

With great power comes great responsibility…and also the ability to party all night long.

According to our longtime friend Bruce Banner, one of the perks of being a big green superhuman is the ability to drink as much as you can without ever getting drunk. This is just one of many fun facts wonder drops in the first episode of his latest hit series, now streaming on Disney+.

“She-Hulk: Lawyer” currently has wonder fans around the world are raving with excitement. Featured in the seventh installment of wonderCurrent wave of TV series, She-Hulk is the latest superhero to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The show is part of the MCU’s Phase Four. This follows the heavy end of Phase Three, which saw fan-favorite characters such as Tony Stark (Iron Man), Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) passing the torch to the younger generation of superheroes after their death. .

The highly anticipated legal comedy offers more than just an introduction to the protagonist, Jennifer Walters. Longtime Marvel fans are sure to love the new series as it incorporates exciting Easter eggs, such as the Hulk helmet from Ragnarok and a Led Zeppelin shirt.

It is suspected that the shirt may have once belonged to Tony Stark, as he always wore shirts of this nature and often had AC/DC playing in the background while he worked out problems with his new technology.

Although fans familiar with the MCU may have a more exciting time watching the film due to the cameos and Easter eggs from previous films, you don’t have to watch the entire MCU movies to enjoy the spectacle.

However, baby fans might want to at least consider watching the 2008 movie, “The Incredible Hulk,” starring Edward Norton as the Hulk himself. This will give viewers some insight into the phenomenon of being a hulk and the issues associated with it.

The first episode begins with Jennifer Walters in her law firm’s office, practicing her closing statement for an ongoing trial. Walters is considered a fierce lawyer, full of hope for the direction her legal career will take.

Interestingly, right after this first encounter with our new hero, viewers witness a method of cinematography never before used by Marvel Studios. True to the comics, Walters breaks the fourth wall and speaks directly to viewers.

Before delving deeper into her life as a lawyer and “She-Hulk,” Walters takes us back to the moment that turned her into a superhuman.

She is the cousin of the beloved Hulk, whose human counterpart is known as Dr. Bruce Banner. Following a freak accident, what started as a cousin’s journey with a hulk and a human ended with two hulks and the destruction of a custom bar created by Tony Stark, on the beaches of Mexico.

In an effort to help his cousin live like a hulk, Dr. Banner ends up kidnapping Walters and bringing him to his personal hideout. Assuming that Walters will have an experience similar to hers, Banner fears hurting others, or herself, if she doesn’t learn everything he has over the years.

Surprisingly, Walters doesn’t split into two different personas after becoming a hulk. She was able to retain awareness of her human self, even when transformed into a carcass. It’s a skill that Dr. Banner hasn’t been able to master until recently in the MCU timeline.

Yet, through methods ranging from yoga to drinking to anger therapy, Banner insists on helping Walters control his newfound powers. In a crushing reality of what it means to be a woman working in a predominantly male field, Walters says Banner is very good at managing her anger, given that she has to contain it every day.

Eventually, she leaves Banner’s hideout after proving that she can control when she transforms and how she uses her powers.

After her first public appearance as the hulk, Jennifer Walters was dubbed “She-Hulk” by the press. That’s when She-Hulk, not Jennifer Walters, is offered the opportunity to be a lawyer for superhumans.

Throughout the series, viewers can expect to learn more about She-Hulk and develop an understanding of what her role will be in the future of the MCU. Viewers can also expect to see cameos from characters such as Daredevil and Wong, who Marvel has already confirmed will be appearing.

“She-Hulk” will consist of nine episodes and can be broadcast on Disney+ every Thursday. Don’t miss this opportunity and be sure to watch beyond the credits for an extra scene at the end of the first episode!