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QCOSTARICA – Kaitilin Marie Armstrong, the Texas woman accused of murdering cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson out of jealousy, quickly forgot her ex-partner and found a new love while on the run in Costa Rica for 43 days . reported that Armstrong pleaded not guilty to a charge of first-degree murder during his arraignment on Wednesday, July 20. , traveling to New York, New Jersey and then Costa Rica, where police arrested her at a hostel in Santa Teresa, Puntarenas, on June 29.

Kaitilin Armstrong, hid in Costa Rica. Photo US Marshals, Travis County Sheriff’s Office

The US court has dismissed that charge against Armstrong, but it’s just a formality, and she could face the charge again in the future if prosecutors deem it necessary.

New love on the run in Costa Rica

The 34-year-old yoga instructor had used a fake identity to approach and date Teal Oceans Akerson, a resident surf instructor in Costa Rica. Akerson said Armstrong was called “Ari” and he met her outside a tattoo shop in Santa Teresa de Cóbano.

Akerson said he met “Ari” outside the tattoo shop in Costa Rica. Akerson had contact with the yoga instructor up to three days before his arrest.

“Ari was a weird person. I met her right outside the tattoo shop, her friends were getting tattoos, so she was waiting on a bench. She said she just had a really traumatic breakup, and she still wasn’t healed and she wasn’t ready at all to get closer (to another person), so we were just friends,” Akerman told La Teja.

According to Akerson, while they were dating, she avoided going to crowded places or restaurants at all costs, she always told him that it was better for them to go to secluded places.

Tico’s surgeon explained that when she met “Ari”, her appearance did not match the images released by US authorities. Apparently, Armstrong had undergone cosmetic surgery to change some features of his face.

“But after everything that happened, hearing the truth and what she was running from, it made sense that she didn’t want to be seen,” Akerson said. reports that officials say that during her escape, Armstrong cut her hair to her shoulders and dyed it dark brown, along with a bandage on her nose claiming she was in a car accident. surfboard and was fraudulently using another person’s passport. , aboard United Airlines Flight 1222 on May 18, from Newark International Airport to San Jose, Costa Rica.

In custody in Costa Rica. Photo Public minister

Love triangle

On May 11, 25-year-old cycling star Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson was found shot dead at a friend’s apartment in East Austin. A rising star in cycling, Wilson had flown from Colorado to Texas earlier that week in preparation for the Gravel Locos race in Hico, where she was a favorite to win. A few weeks earlier, she had won the Belgian Waffle Ride in California.

Armstrong had dated star cyclist Colin Strickland for a few years. Last year, Strickland was romantically involved with Wilson while Strickland and Armstrong went on a brief hiatus. Investigators believe Wilson was shot and killed in a love triangle since Wilson and Strickland went out the day of the murder and Armstrong’s car was seen driving where Wilson was killed. Strickland admitted to having had “a brief romantic relationship” with Wilson when he visited in 2021.

An anonymous tipster reportedly told investigators that when Armstrong found out the pair were together, she told the person she wanted to kill Wilson and also said she had acquired a gun.

Detention in Costa Rica

Armstrong was arrested by professional migration police on Wednesday, June 29, while staying at a hostel on Santa Teresa de Cóbano beach in Puntarenas.

Last Wednesday, Armstrong pleaded not guilty in a Texas court to the first-degree murder of cyclist Anna Wilson. The trial is still ongoing.

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