A New Form of Astrology Uses Yoga and Hypnosis to Help People Find Inner Peace and an Open Heart

Psycho-Spiritual Vedic Astrology uses conscious and unconscious techniques to modify behavior and find inner tranquility – but does not make predictions or recommend gems/rituals.

A new form of Vedic astrology based on the psycho-spiritual principles of traditional yoga aims to help people find inner peace by freeing them from the grip of habitual compulsions, anxieties and ruminations. According to these yogic principles, the ways we commonly seek to improve our lives can often reinforce our destructive habits and keep us disconnected from ourselves, others, and a fulfilling life. “Your efforts to change/fix/resolve yourself strengthen the very ‘me’ whose spiritual practices are meant to set you free,” writes Balraj, owner of “Yoga does not produce a ‘me’ that has the absolute/ultimate security that the ego wants. The classic goal of yoga was not to create a better, stronger, or happier ego. Yoga produces a deeper and more fulfilling connection in/with life, freed from the rigid ways of perceiving and behaving that we inherit and establish (1) in order to avoid the pain caused by feelings of incompleteness/inadequacy and (2) in our relentless quest to no longer be incomplete, to feel that we never have to fight for anything again. We try to eliminate our sense of incompleteness by seeking permanent security in such things as financial freedom, unassailable sanity, a lover’s undying loyalty/admiration, unlimited fame/recognition, enlightenment, etc

Many seek an astrology reading for a prediction, wanting to know (1) when they will experience what they think will make them happy, and/or (2) if/when they might experience what they fear most. According to Balraj, this information will not help them free themselves from the source of their suffering. Balraj does not offer a prediction, instead emphasizing the importance of identifying destructive habits and directly confronting anxieties/compulsions in order to break free from them. Rather than just hoping/wishing that all “bad things would go away”, his goal should be to change himself (ie, to change his ways – his “karma”). Freed from the grip of the “usual self”, one finds oneself with more attention and energy to connect with (and pursue) the things that give more meaning to one’s life (without fear, doubt and insecurity). “Freedom”, writes Balraj, “is not available to those who remain imprisoned by themselves”.

Balraj’s Psycho-Spiritual Vedic Astrology Readings are private and personalized 2 hour online consultations. Clients submit a questionnaire well in advance of their consultation, providing Balraj with the information needed to prepare the file, including a precise time of birth; several hours of preparation precede each consultation. Each reading provides personalized and pragmatic remedial suggestions without astrological/metaphysical jargon: “No rituals, no amulets, no magic; conscience and courage are enough.

Working with Balraj is ideal for a number of people, including (1) those who have realized that getting what they want doesn’t make them as happy as they think, (2) those who think they should be happy but aren’t (and don’t know what to do about it), (3) those who feel stuck in cycles of repeated mistakes, (4) those who have found remedies promising magical relief /instant ineffective, and (5) those who feel they need deeper, more lasting change (rather than tactics to “deal with” discomfort).

While a psycho-spiritual astrology reading alone is enough to provide a path to inner peace, Balraj offers a multi-session program for those who wish to work to cultivate a more open and peaceful heart and mind (and a more spiritual life). This multi-session program – called Deeper Connection Intensive – includes Vedic psycho-spiritual astrology and conversational hypnosis. When we face our toughest personal challenges, willpower and intellectual knowledge are often not enough to change our behaviors. Conversational hypnosis helps to “untie” what could be described as “unconscious knots” that keep us stuck in destructive and unwanted patterns. This non-traditional form of hypnosis works with the client’s distinctive unconscious mind, often producing unpredictable sessions that result in dramatic breakthroughs. Balraj’s intention with conversational hypnosis is unique: he is not interested in solving ego problems; instead, it wants to free the consciousness from the grip of the ego and its toxic selfish drives so that you experience a freer, more peaceful and open heart and a more connected and meaningful life. The Deeper Connection Intensive program also includes traditional meditation and breathwork instruction/coaching to help clients create a lasting practice that helps them establish a grounded mind that is more connected to its own life. Currently, Balraj does not offer hypnosis or breathwork/meditation instruction as standalone services.

Balraj also dispenses phenomenological-existential teachings on traditional yoga.

Balraj is a yogin, professional astrologer and certified hypnotist. Balraj received the title of Yoga Vidya and received her yoga degree from Annamalai University. He completed a BA (Hons) and MSc (Oxon) studying South Asia and India respectively. He then obtained a master’s degree in philosophy, defending his thesis on the phenomenological method.

For more information on Balraj’s Vedic Astrology Readings or the Deeper Connection Intensive, visit, or find his teachings on social media, including Twitter.

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