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The popularity of yoga continues to grow and more and more studios are opening across the country. Classes fill up so quickly.

While this is great news for instructors, it’s not great for yogis.

Mainstream yoga classes often skim the basics and don’t provide enough grounding for new yogis. Those who prefer not to practice in large groups also feel a bit out of place.

If you are one of them, you should consider taking private yoga classes instead.

Private yoga classes allow you to work the poses and stretches that work for you on your schedule and at your own pace. Yoga Beyond The Studio offers private online and in-person yoga classes designed for those new to the world of yoga.

These private sessions allow you to learn about yoga in a safer way, with proper alignment and a clear focus on your goals and needs.

Read on to find out why they might be better for you.

What private yoga classes can do for you

Here’s how individual yoga sessions can help.

1. Gain initial experience in a safer environment for beginners

When the rest of the class already knows what to do, you may have trouble keeping up. But with a private yoga teacher, you won’t be left out. In fact, the class is all about YOU.

In yoga, it is absolutely imperative that you learn the basics correctly and ensure proper alignment. Without it, you are at increased risk of injury while doing yoga and no one wants that.

They will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring the course moves at a pace that suits you.

2. Feeling more comfortable and less self-aware

It’s not just beginners who find group yoga classes intimidating. Even experienced practitioners may find that the environment unsettles them.

Some people find a quiet individual lesson much more comfortable for them. With no one else around, you don’t have to feel embarrassed about being watched or worry about not being able to keep up with the class.

This way, your yoga practice can be calm, relaxing, and meditative. Just the way it’s meant to be!

3. Focus on your personal goals and needs

Different people come to yoga for different reasons, all looking for some of the many benefits yoga has to offer based on their own personal needs. It may be your anxiety that you take to manage or your lower back pain.

Maybe you’ve tried several different yoga classes and just had trouble finding one that’s right for you.

With so many different types of yoga and an endless list of instructors, going through the process of trial and error can take some time.

When you opt for private yoga lessons, you avoid this long and difficult process altogether. This is because you can choose exactly how your yoga class works.

Talk to your private instructor about what you’re looking for and they’ll put together a lesson schedule that meets your specifications.

A private instructor can modify your poses and select the ones that meet your particular challenges.

4. Reduce your anxiety without triggering other stressors

Many people practice yoga to manage their anxiety and stress. But we all know how stressful it can be to get to your group studio class on time or find parking before class starts.

This is one reason why, for some people, a group environment is counterproductive for dealing with anxiety. In addition, the presence of other people can induce stress and social anxiety in some.

A private yoga session is a much more calming environment. You don’t have to worry about who else is watching you, what they think of you, or how your yoga skills compare to theirs.

While we always say ego has no place in yoga, that’s easier said than done. So give yourself the best chance of success with a private lesson.

5. Being able to practice yoga anywhere, even at work

You don’t have to do your private yoga classes in a studio or at your home.

If you prefer, you can even have an instructor come to your workplace and give sessions there.
Office yoga programs have been proven to make employees more efficient.

The benefits of yoga at work go far beyond simply improving productivity. These classes also improve business communications. Indeed, it relaxes and refreshes the employees, keeps them calm and improves their mood.

Book your private yoga class and try doing your yoga at work.

6. Work around your schedule

Busy schedules are one of the main factors that prevent people from taking care of their mental and physical health.

Whether you have to race to school, go to a meeting or study for an exam, there is always something that gets in your way.

Most group lessons take place early in the morning before leaving for work or in the evening after arrival. If none of these times work for you, integrating your yoga can be difficult.

When you hire a private instructor, your class schedule works on your terms. Instead of struggling to get to your class on time, you can have it come when you’re ready.

It also means you can be flexible in more ways than one. You don’t have to stick to the same time for each class. If your work or social life gets in the way, you can always move your classes around them.

7. Advance your yoga skills with predetermined goals

As we mentioned, private yoga classes aren’t just great for beginners. They can also be extremely beneficial for advanced yogis!

Some people find that group classes aren’t challenging enough or don’t focus enough on the poses they want to improve. Sometimes they find that the courses are stagnating, and they no longer feel they are improving.

In a private lesson you can have an individual program tailored specifically to your needs. Your instructor will plan routines that incorporate the poses you want and help you achieve even your highest yoga goals.

This way, you can cross a plateau and take your yoga practice to the next level.

8. Adapt the class to your limitations, injuries or health problems

We are not all created equal. For some of us, injuries or health issues can make a group yoga class impractical and even dangerous.

An instructor who teaches a few students at a time simply cannot address your individual health issues to ensure that the poses you are doing are not further injuring you or otherwise dangerous.

With studio classes, you’ll often modify yourself to meet the class. With private yoga classes, the instructor will modify the class to suit your needs.

When you practice privately with an instructor, they will design the course based on your health issues and injuries.

9. Prepare for group classes

Some people prefer to do private lessons on a permanent basis. However, others simply use them to prepare for joining a group later.

You can work with an instructor to master all the basics and prepare for larger, more social classes.

Book your private Yoga beyond the studio Course today

Yoga Beyond The Studio offers private online and in-person yoga classes designed for those new to the world of yoga. Get into the practice at your own pace with guidance from a highly experienced certified yoga instructor.

If you’re not sure about trying yoga on your own, you can bring a friend or two to join you at no extra cost.

Alternatively, you can bring our private lessons to your school, workplace or home to practice with a group in a private setting. A private group yoga class means your group picks the areas of interest and the instructor is able to help group members throughout the class.

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